Fall 2012

SEVEN / NINE / EIGHT Tournament

"A", "B", and "C" divisions - October 1 through November 17.

Sponsored by
Billy Aardd's Club,
and the Game Room.

The format for this tournament is tentatively set for players completing their matches before a given date for each stage of their bracket.   That will allow for play throughout the week.


  1. Tournament Flyer.
  2. Player's list.
  3. "A" division triple elimination bracket.
  4. "B" division triple elimination bracket.
  5. Seven - Ball   Stats.
  6. Nine - Ball   Stats.
  7. Eight - Ball   Stats.
  8. Tournament Results.

Player List

Fall 2012     Seven-Nine-Eight
Player List
A-division B-division
1 (5)   Thomas Leeper (1)   Miguel Aguirre
2 (1)   Nick Karler (4)   Nick Pohl
3 (4)   Brandon Ramirez (5)   Chris Stahoviak
4 (2)   Syngen Duncan (6)   Enrique Koerdell
5 (6)   Ethan Locke (2)   Jared Davis
6 (3)   Patrick Moore (3)   David Breen

Six player minimum for a division to run.

Values in parenthesis are ranking numbers.

Tournament Results

Place "A" division
"B" division
First Syngen   "Dreadnought"  Duncan
(did not complete)
Second Nick Karler
(did not complete)
Third Patrick  "Sparky"  Moore
(did not complete)

Billy Aardd.