18.2 BALKLINE Tournament

October 26 through November 20.

Sponsored by
Billy Aardd's Club,
and Auxiliary Services.


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  2. Player's list.

Player List

Here's who signed up.

Player List
Entry # A-division B-division C-division
1 Jae Yoo
2 Chris Cruz

The format will be a Round Robin followed by a Single Elimination bracket for the top three players from each Round Robin group.

NOTE: All games will be equal inning games (both players will have same number of innings). The clock will not interrupt a player's inning.

Players, please arrange to have somebody keep score for your match.

Part I   -   Round Robin Schedule

Here's the Round Robin setup for the first part of the tournament.

Matches will be played to 45 points or 75 innings (equal innings). Winner of match will be determined by final score, not by percent progress.

Players will need to arrange their match with their opponent if it does not happen at the scheduled time. When a match is re-scheduled for other than the originally scheduled time the TD must be notified by email of the new time.

All Round Robin play must be complete before November 16.

In case of a tie in matches won the tie breakers will be:

  1. Head to head play (by score, not percent progress).
  2. Round Robin (average), Points per Inning (by 5% margin).
  3. Best Match, Points per Inning (by 5% margin).
  4. Highest run.
  5. Flip of a coin.

Billy Aardd.