Billy Aardd's Club
Fall 2008 Tournaments.

This Spring's schedule is very short compared to previous semesters. We will still be running our various Handicapped ladders . We will also offer the tournaments shown below.

This is a solid schedule (but times may change so please keep an eye here if you're interested in playing any of these tournaments).

Please check the specifics of the individual tournaments for information about tournament format, and prizes.

Carom-Snooker-14.1   --   April 11, 12, and 13.
( This is a Plaque event.)

Format of this tournament will depend on the number of entrants.   As this tournament is also know as the "Best Player" tournament there will only be one division and play will not be handicapped.   Any number of people may sign up for the tournament but the field will be limited to the best twenty entrants.   If more than twenty people sign up for the tournament those after the twentieth seed will be considered as alternates.   The top players will be seeded first; alternates will enter as needed based on their ranking (not necessarily order of sign-up).   Rankings will be determined by the tournament director.

With fourteen, or fewer, players it is likely to be a double elimination tournament.   With more than fourteen players the field will be split into four groups for round robin play and the top two players from each group will advance into a single elimination bracket.

There is no entry fee.   Donations to the Billy Aardd's Club prize fund are welcome though.   The sign-up sheet is at the attendant's counter in the Fidel Student Services game room.   Out of town entries can be made by contacting the tournament director (email, with appropriate subject line, preferred).   The entry deadline is Friday, 4 April, at 5:30pm.   The tournament bracket and time-line will be posted Tuesday at 6:30pm.   Play will start at 1:00pm on Friday, 11 April.   Players from out of town will be scheduled on Saturday when possible, or as late on Friday as possible.

For more information see the flyer for this tournament.

Billy Aardd.