Billy Aardd's Club
Spring 2007 Tournaments.

This Spring we will be offering two new ladders as well as the usual handicapped straight-pool ladder and a couple of weekend tournaments.

This is a preliminary schedule and as times are likely to change please keep an eye here if you're interested in playing any of these tournaments.

Please check the specifics of the individual tournaments for information about tournament format, entry fees (if any), and prizes.

Cut Throat   (in a self seeding format)   --   Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1. .
(This tournament is open to students, faculty, and staff of New Mexico Tech.)

The players' meeting will be at 9:30 am tournament day.

The entry deadline for this tournament will be 9:00 am March 31.

It's a fast paced tournament (see the Past Tournaments link for more info) that we've run many times before. Most everyone, regardless of their skill level, finds this a fun tournament to be in.

There is no entry fee or deposit for this tournament, but there may be prizes (depends on what's in the Billy Aardd's Club prize fund).

If there are more than 16 entries it would become a multipart tournament (number of parts dependant on number of entries). If we have prizes they would be to four places in each division (number of divisions depends on number of entries)

Billiard-Snooker-Straight   -   April 14, and 15 (if needed also April 21, and 22).
( This is a Plaque event.)

This will be a "double-elimination" tournament limited to one division of sixteen contestants. If more than sixteen people sign up for the tournament those after the sixteenth seed will be considered as alternates. The top players will be seeded first; alternates will enter as needed based on their ranking (not necessarily order of sign-up).

The entry deadline for this tournament is Monday, April 9, at 6:30pm. No entry fee, no entry deposit.

The sign-up sheet is at the attendant's counter in the Fidel Student Center game room.   The tournament bracket and time-line will be posted Thursday at 6:30pm.   There will be a mandatory players' meeting Friday, 13 April, at 6:30pm in the game room.

Billy Aardd.