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Spring 2006 Tournaments.

It's a sparse semester tournament-wise. The only tournament offered will be the ACUI qualifier.

ACUI   (Association of College Unions International)   9-ball QUALIFIER   --   January 28.

Play is scheduled for Saturday, January 28. Saturday.

ENTRY DEADLINE is Friday, January 28, at 11:00am.   Signup sheet is in the gameroom.   Tournament will start at 11:15am.

There will be a Men's Division and a Women's Division (no further breakdowns in either division). The top four finishers, in each division (this number may change), will qualify to go to the ACUI tournament in Tucson this coming February.

We will use a round-robin format with the top players of that advancing to a single-elimination bracket to determine the final standings. BCA rules for 9-ball will be used.

Men's Round-Robin matches will be race to 6. Women's Round-Robin matches will be race to 4. Men's Single-Elimination matches will be race to 9. Women's Single-Elimination matches will be race to 7.

For more information on this tournament, (and the ACUI Regional and ACUI International tournaments) please check the BAC Tournament board in the Fidel Student Services game room, or visit the ACUI Recreation Program page.

Here are the brackets and schedule for this tournament.

Billy Aardd.