Fall 2006

Billy Aardd's Club
7-9-8 Tournament.

August 26, 27.

This tournament has been scheduled as one of the events during the two-week opening celebration of the Fidel Student Services Building.   Number of games per set, and the tournament format, have been adjusted (from the standard plaque format) for this event.


  1. Tournament Flyer .
  2. Player's list.
  3. "A" division, modified single elimination.
  4. "B" division, round robin.
  5. "C" division modified single elimination.
  6. Seven - Ball   Stats.
  7. Nine - Ball   Stats.
  8. Eight - Ball   Stats.
  9. Tournament Results.

Player List

2006     Seven-Nine-Eight
Player List
A-division B-division C-division
1 Christian Zwileneff Dylan Merrigan Ian
2 Jacob Searcy Stacy O'Neil Troy
3 Damon Wheeler Frederick Tapaha Craig Nicholas
4 Kensie Sturdevant Ryan Jones Dustin Webb
5 Chris Cruz Robert Williams Isaiah Sanchez
6 David Herceg Patricio Pino
7 Preston Dell Dennis Estensor
8 Josh Comino
9 Blaine Martinez
10 Grady Westmoreland
11 David Chavez
12 Brittain Catron
13 Sam Hankins
14 Victoria Aston

Tournament Results

"A" division
"B" division
"C" division
Place Player
Place Player
Place Player
First David Herceg
First Fred Tapaha
First Craig Nicholas
Second Chris Cruz
Second Robert Williams
Second Blaine Martinez
Third Jacob Searcy
Third Stacy O'Neil
Third Sam Hankins

Billy Aardd.