Billy Aardd's Club
Spring 2002 Tournaments.

Cut Throat   (in a self seeding format)   --   Saturday, March 2nd and Sunday, March 3rd.

The players' meeting will be at 10:00am tournament day.

The entry deadline for this tournament is Tuesday, February 26, at 5:30pm. (Note: alternates may enter up till 10:20am tournament morning.)

It's a fast paced tournament (see the Past Tournaments link for more info) that we've run many times before. Most everyone, regardless of their skill level, finds this a fun tournament to be in.

This tournament is being sponsored by: Auxiliary Services, Chartwells, and the Billy Aardd's Club.

There is no entry fee this tournament.

If there are more than 16 entries it would become a multipart tournament (number of parts dependant on number of entries). Prizes would be to four places in each division (number of divisions depends on number of entries: two division for 16-36 players, three divisions for 40-60 players, four divisions for 64+ players).

Here are the particulars for this spring's Cutthroat tournament.

Here are the brackets for this tournament.

Bowlliards   --   Weekday evenings March 4 - 28,   6:00pm to 9:00pm.

This tournament will use a "dropin" format -- you can play any time the tournament is running (games can start any time between the hours posted above) so long as there are at least three people willing to play. A person can enter as many times as they wish, but they can not win more than one prize.

Prizes will be awarded to four places in two divisions. Prizes will come from the entry fees. First place gets 40%, second place gets 30%, third place gets 20%, and fourth place gets 10%.

Here's the play so far.

March Madness 8-ball   --   March 23.

This tournament is being offered by the Game Room. The prizes for this tournament are being supplied by Auxiliary Services and are on display in the window of the game room office.

Entries accepted up to the start of tournament.

This tournament had a good turnout. (Eventually I'll get brackets and results up.)

Snooker   --   March 23, 24 (and if needed April 13, 14).

Entry deadline Thursday, March 21nd at 5:30pm.

Here are the particulars for this spring's Snooker tournament.

Here's the snooker results.

Carom Billiards   --   Weekday evenings April 1 - 12.

Entry deadline is Thursday, March 28 at 6:30pm.

Here are the particulars for this spring's Carom Billiards tournament.

Entry fee due at signup time. Prizes will be $25.00 (1st), $15.00 (2nd), and $10.00 (3rd) in each of three divisions.

This tournament was just one player short of running. (Maybe next year.)

7-9-8 Ball.   (A Plaque Event)   --   April 6, 7 (and if needed 13, 14).

Entry deadline Wednesday, April 3rd at 5:30pm.

Here are the particulars for this spring's 7-9-8 Ball tournament.

Here's the 7-9-8 brackets.

Billiard-Snooker-Straight.   (A Plaque Event)   --   April 20, 21 (and if needed 27, 28).

Entry deadline Wednesday, April 17th at 5:30pm.

Here are the particulars for this spring's Billiard-Snooker-Straight tournament.

Billy Aardd.