Billy Aardd's Club
Fall 2002 Tournaments.

This Fall we've got another ambitious tournament schedule as tournaments after this semester may need to wait till the new student building is done. We will still be running the Handicapped Straight Ladder we've been running since the Summer of 1983, and we'll also offer the tournaments shown below.

This is a solid schedule (but times may change so please keep an eye here if you're interested in playing any of these tournaments).

Please check the specifics of the individual tournaments for information about tournament format, entry fees (if any), and prizes.

18.2 Balkline   --   Weeknights September 16 through September 27.

Entry deadline is 17:30 Monday, September 16.   Entry fees are due at the time of sign up.   Please pay the entry fee to the gameroom attendant.   Schedules will be posted by 18:30 Monday, September 16.   Please notify the TD before your first match if you have a problem with the schedule.

The format of the tournament (double elimination, round robin, etc.) will be based on number of entries (will go Round Robin with 4 or 5 players).   Two divisions will be offered.

Here's the schedule and results for this semester's 18.2 tournament.

Cut Throat   (in a self seeding format)   --   September 21, 22.

The players' meeting will be at 9:30am tournament day.

The entry deadline for this tournament will be 9:30am September 21.

It's a fast paced tournament (see the Past Tournaments link for more info) that we've run many times before. Most everyone, regardless of their skill level, finds this a fun tournament to be in.

There is no entry fee this tournament but there will be prizes.

If there are more than 16 entries it would become a multipart tournament (number of parts dependant on number of entries). Prizes would be to four places in each division (number of divisions depends on number of entries: two division for 16-36 players, three divisions for 40-60 players, four divisions for 64+ players).

Here's the schedule and results for this semester's Cutthroat tournament.

3-Cushion Billiards   --   Weekday evenings September 30 through October 25.

The entry deadline for this tournament is Monday, September 30, at 5:30pm.

Here's the schedule and results for this semester's 3 Cushion tournament.

Snooker   --   Weekday evenings September 30 through October 25.

The entry deadline for this tournament is Monday, September 30, at 5:30pm.

Three divisions of play will be offered. There will a first place prize ($20.00), and a second place prize ($10.00) in each of the divisions. No entry fee. Limit of 16 players per division (Round Robin with 4 to 5 player's, Double Elimination otherwise).

Billiard-Snooker-Straight   --   October 5, 6, 12, and 13.
( This is a Plaque event.)

This will be a "double-elimination" tournament limited to one division of sixteen contestants. If more than sixteen people sign up for the tournament those after the sixteenth seed will be considered as alternates. The top players will be seated first; alternates will enter as needed based on their ranking (not necessarily order of sign-up).

Entry fee is due at time of sign-up.   The sign-up sheet is at the attendant's counter in the SUB gameroom.   The entry deadline is Tuesday, 1 October, at 5:30pm.   The tournament bracket and time-line will be posted Thursday at 6:30pm.   There will be a mandatory players' meeting Friday, 4 October, at 6:30pm in the SUB gameroom.

7-9-8 Ball.   --   October 26, 27 (and if needed November 2, and 3).
( This is a Plaque event.)

No more than 24-players will be allowed in any division due to table and time constraints. The format of the tournament (number of games per set) may be adjusted to fit time constraints.

Entry deadline is 5:30 pm Friday, October 25. Entry fees have been waived for this tournament. The schedule will be posted in the game room by 9:00 pm Friday, October 25. Play may start as early as 8:30am on Saturday.

Auxiliary Services is providing the prizes for this tournament. The prizes are on display in the Game Room office window.

Players will choose which division they will play in at the time they sign up. Known players may be seeded by the Tournament Director (TD).

Here's the schedule for the 7-9-8 tournament.

ACUI   (Association of College Unions International)   9-ball QUALIFIER   --   November 16 through November 24.

Play would be weeknights and weekends as needed. If possible all play will be done on Saturday (16) and Sunday (17).

ENTRY DEADLINE is Tuesday November 12 at 6:00pm.   Signup sheet is in the gameroom.

There will be a Men's Division and a Women's Division (no further breakdowns in either division). (Up to) The top six finishers, across the two divisions, will qualify to go to the ACUI tournament in Sheridan Wyoming this coming Spring.

To keep with the format announced by the ACUI our qualifying tournament will be double elimination on a match basis. BCA rules for 9-ball will be used. Each non-finals match will be best of 9. The championship match will be best of 13.

For more information on this tournament, (and the ACUI Regional and ACUI International tournaments) please check the BAC Tournament board in the SUB gameroom.

Here are the brackets and schedule for this tournament.

Billy Aardd.