Fall 2002

Billy Aardd's Club
Cut Throat Tournament.

Saturday,   September 21st.


  1. Tournament Flyer .
  2. 1st Round Foursomes.
  3. 2nd Round Foursomes.
  4. Early Rounds Score Card.
  5. 3rd Round Foursomes.
  6. 4th Round Foursomes.
  7. Tournament Stats.
  8. Tournament Results.

1st Round Foursomes

The foursomes for the first round are selected by random draw. The first and second rounds of play will sort the field according to each player's record through those rounds.

2002   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   I     (1st seeding round)                                             Three ball run limit.
Sat 10:45am   West
Sat 10:45am   South
Sat 12:00pm   West
Sat 12:00pm   South
Carsten Steinebach Jeremiah Robbins Jeremiah Gage Anant KMS Kochar
Jeremy Brewster Mike Dolejsi Noel Miller Christian Zwileneff
Dave Byrd T.J. McCormack A.J. Heffner Lloyd Carothers
Will Thomson Jonah Nelson Larry Padilla Tim Mickey

2nd Round Foursomes

This round groups together (from the first round):

2002   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   II     (2nd seeding round)                                             Five ball run limit.
Sat 12:45pm   West
Sat 12:45pm   South
Sat 1:45pm   West
Sat 1:45pm   South
Will Thomson T.J. McCormack Jeremiah Robbins Jeremy Brewster
Mike Dolejsi Dave Byrd Carsten Steinebach R.W.
Tim Mickey Lloyd Carothers Jeremiah Gage Anant KMS Kochar
A.J. Heffner Larry Padilla Christian Zwileneff Noel Miller

Score Card

This score card is used to determine the foursomes for the third round. The players are ranked according to the points they earned in the first and second rounds (based on which group they were in and where they finished in their group).

2002   -   C U T   T H R O A T   Score Card
Player Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Total Rank
Carsten Steinebach 4 5 9 10
Jermiah Gage 4 7 11 8
Jeremy Brewster 1 1 2 16
Noel Miller 1 3 4 14
Tim Mickey 10 8 18 4
A.J. Heffner 10 4 14 6
Will Thomson 10 16 26 1
Larry Padilla 7 3 10 9
Jeremiah Robbins 4 4 8 11
Anant KMS Kochar 1 2 3 15
Mike Dolejsi 10 12 22 2
Christian Zwileneff 4 2 6 12
T.J. McCormack 7 9 16 5
Lloyd Carothers 7 6 13 7
Jonah Nelson / R.W. 1 (JN) 4 (RW) 5 13
Dave Byrd 7 12 19 3

3rd Round Foursomes

The foursomes for this round are grouped according to the rank they earned on the score card (from the first two rounds). Similarly ranked players are grouped together. In a 32 player field this would be the first round of elimination (since we only have 16 players here it turns out to be a "mixing round" that further refines foursomes for the next round).

The set of foursomes is now split into "A" and "B" groups. Players relative rankings are now restricted to the group they are in (and not, as was done for the first two rounds, across the entire field).

2002   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   III     (1st elimination round)                                             No run limit.
A Division
B Division
FS 1
Sat 3:00pm   West
FS 2
Sat 3:00pm   South

FS 1
Sat 4:30am   West
FS 2
Sat 4:30am   South
Will Thomson Mike Dolejsi Larry Padilla Carsten Steinebach
Dave Byrd Tim Mickey Jeremiah Robbins Christian Zwileneff
A.J. Heffner T. J. McCormack Noel Miller R.W.
Jeremiah Gage Lloyd Carothers Jeremy Brewster Anant KMS Kochar

4th Round Foursomes

Play in this round determines who wins places 1 through 4 in each division.

2002   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   IV     (place round)                                             No run limit.
FS "A"
Sat 6:00pm   West

FS "B"
Sat 6:00pm   East
Dave Byrd Carsten Steinebach
Jeremiah Gage Christian Zwileneff
Lloyd Carothers Larry Padilla
Tim Mickey Noel Miller

Tournament Stats

Tournament Results

2002   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Tournament Results
"A" Division
"B" Division
Jeremiah Gage 1st Larry Padilla
Dave Byrd 2nd Carsten Steinebach
Tim Mickey 3rd Noel Miller
Lloyd Carothers 4th Christian Zwileneff

Billy Aardd.