Fall 2002

Billy Aardd's Club
ACUI Qualifier Tournament
Women's Division Bracket

November 16, 17.

Women's Round Robin Schedule
Fall 2002   ACUI Qualifier

Matches will be race to five. Matches will be played on the North table.

In case of a tie in "matches won" the tie breakers will be:

  1. Head to head play.
  2. Round Robin Points per Inning (by 5% margin).
  3. Best Match Points per Inning (by 5% margin).
  4. Highest run.
  5. Flip of a coin.

Women's Division
ACUI Qualifier
Round Robin
(Race to 5)
Player 1 Player 2 Match Start Winner
Match 1 Elizabeth Ball Karly Strand Sat. 16th 10:00 Elizabeth   6-4
Match 2 Layla Forman Trista Sloan Sat. 16th 11:00 Layla   6-2
Match 3 Layla Forman Elizabeth Ball Sat. 16th 12:00 Layla   6-2
Match 4 Layla Forman Karly Strand Sat. 16th 15:00 Layla   6-2
Match 5 Trista Sloan Elizabeth Ball Sat. 16th 16:00 Elizabeth   6-0
Match 6 Karly Strand Trista Sloan Sat. 16th 18:00 Trista   6-5

Billy Aardd.