Back Pocket 9 Ball Tournament

February 10 and 11

Sponsored by
Billy Aardd's Club,
and Auxiliary Services.

The Tournament Rules and Regulations, the General Rules of Pocket Billiards, and the house rules on Bcak Pocket 9 Ball will apply to this tournament.

The tournament format will depend on the number of entries. Three divisions will be offered.

No more than 16-players will be allowed in any division due to table and time constraints.

Players will choose which division they will play in at the time they signup. Known players may be seeded by the Tournament Director (TD). Entry deadline is 6:30 pm Thursday, February 8. Entry fees are due at the time of sign up. Please pay the entry fee to the gameroom attendant (please be sure you're marked as paid). The schedule will be posted by 6:30 pm Friday, February 9.

There will be a mandatory pre-tournament meeting for all entrants at 6:30 pm on Friday, February 9, to review the operation of the tournament. This will also be the last chance to withdraw and receive a refund.

Entry fee is:

Prize Money
Pay Offs First (45% or Min.) $20.00
Second (25% or Min.) $15.00
Third (15% or Min.) $10.00

(NOTE: Billy Aardd's Club members will receive $1.00 off the appropriate entry fee. Your dues must be paid prior to entry).

The rules that will be used for Back Pocket 9-ball will be posted on the game room wall. The players should also read the general rules of billiards and the rules and regulations governing tournament play. The TD will be available to settle any issue not settled by the referee of the match employing the above stated rules.

Time constraints require that players know when their matches are and are ready to play at the scheduled time. A player will earn a forfeit of the first game if he has not started play within 5-minutes of the scheduled starting time of the match. The match, will be forfeited if the player above has not started the second set within 10-minutes of the scheduled starting time for his match.

The opening player of each match will be determined by lag. In each match the looser of the last game will have choice of break.

All fouls will give the opponent ball-in-hand anywhere on the table. Fouls will be called by the referee. The cue ball can not be legally put in play after a foul until the referee has handed it to the incoming player. (i.e. It will be a foul for the player to touch any balls, except for the cue ball when the referee has given it to the player).


Referees will be needed for this one. If you're interested in refereeing some matches please contact the TD. (NOTE: If we don't have referees we can't run the tournament. Referees will be paid $2.00 per match.)

If there are any questions please bring them to the attention of the TD. Information on how who the current TD is and how to make contact can be found in the Billy Aardd's Club web-page.

Billy Aardd.