Billy Aardd's Club
Fall 2001 Tournaments.

This will happen on October 28 (after 49er's).

The 9-Ball house rules will be used for this single elimination tournament.   Three divisions will be offered.

Here are the brackets for this tournament.

ACUI   (Association of College Unions International)   9-ball QUALIFIER   --   November 3 through November 11.

Play would be weeknights and one weekend as needed. If possible all play will be done on Saturday (3) and Sunday (4).

ENTRY DEADLINE is October 30 at 2:00pm.   Signup sheet is in the gameroom.

There will be a Men's Division and a Women's Division (no further breakdowns in either division). (Up to) The top six finishers, across the two divisions, will qualify to go to the ACUI tournament in Las Cruces this coming Spring.

To keep with the format announced by the ACUI our qualifying tournament will be double elimination on a match basis. BCA rules for 9-ball will be used. Each non-finals match will be best of 9. The championship match will be best of 13.

For more information on this tournament, (and the ACUI Regional and ACUI International tournaments) please check the BAC Tournament board in the SUB gameroom.

Here's a look at the brackets for this tournament.

Billy Aardd.