Billy Aardd's Club
Post-49er's 9-Ball Tournament,
October 28, 2001.

This will be a "Single Elimination" tournament offered in "A", "B", and "C" divisions.   Due to time constraints each division is limited to thirty-two players.


  1. Sign-up list (to gauge interest).
  2. Player's list (those who made it).
  3. A-division bracket.
  4. 32 player DE template.
  5. B-division bracket.
  6. C-division bracket.
  7. Tournament Results.

Sign-up list

Post-49er's   9-ball       Sign-up list
Entry # A-division B-division C-division
1 Michael Dolejsi Kelly Watson Tammera Oldfield
2 Jeremy Manning Eric Grelle Ed Berndt
3 Will Thomson Patrick Gee Charlie Snider
4 David Byrd Jeff Eddy T. J. McCormack
5 Nick Tarasenko Javier Lopez Jimmy Tinder
6 John Dietrich Chris Kline Samuel J. Collopy
7 Neil Barnas Chris Yazzie Justin Dressel
8 Adam Dyba Gabe Montoya Blake McMillen
9 Adam Searle Justin Hall Zhu Fu
10 Steve Deal Andrew Martin Ian Hamblin
11 Chris Robblee Paul Giannuzzi Daniel Stein
12 Han Nguyen Landon Westerburger Jonathan Jackson
13 Mitch Davidson James Kearney Ben Herman
14 Orlando Chaparro Paul Willett Nick O'Connor
15 Paul Festler Chris Dowd
16 Mike Petty Lenore McDonald
17 Christian Reedy Matt Masten
18 Jeremiah Gage Aaron Wilson
19 Patrick Carrillo
20 Joel Busch
21 Michael Vigil
22 Mike Runyan
23 Randy Clark
24 James Ward
25 Dennis Wentworth
26 Andrew Webb
27 Aaron Fields

Player List

Post-49er's   9-ball       Player's list
Entry # A-division B-division C-division
1 Adam Searle Paul Willett T. J. McCormack
2 Jeremy Manning Jeremiah Gage Lenore McDonald
3 John Dietrich Eric Grelle Ian Hamblin
4 Neil Barnas Patrick Carrillo Ben Herman
5 Adam Dyba Mike Runyan Nicholas O'Connor
6 Steve Deal Dennis Wentworth Tammy Oldfield
7 Nick Tarasenko Chris Yazzie Charlie Snider
8 Dave Byrd Kelly Watson Christopher Dowd
9 Will Thomson James Ward Matt Masten
10 Michael Dolejsi James Kearney Jonathan Jackson
11 Andrew Webb Justin Dressel
12 Randy Clark Ed Berndt
13 Christian Reedy Zhu Fu
14 Paul Festler Javier Lopez
15 Michael Vigil Aaron Wilson
16 Michael Petty
17 Joel Busch
18 Chris Kline
19 Jeff Eddy

Tournament Results

"A" division
"B" division
"C" division
Place Player
Place Player
Place Player
First John Dietrich
First Chris Kline
First Ben Herman
Second Adam Searle
Second Michael Vigil
Second Charlie Snider
Third Adam Dyba
Third Randy Clark
Third Tammy Oldfield

Billy Aardd.