Billy Aardd's Club
49er's 9-Ball Tournament.


  1. Player's list.
  2. A-division bracket.
  3. B-division bracket.
  4. C-division bracket.
  5. Tournament Results.

Player List

This will be a "Single Elimination" tournament offered in "A", "B", and "C" divisions.   Due to time constraints each division is limited to thirty-two players.   Please see the flyer for more information.

Player List
Entry # A-division B-division C-division
1 Aaron Adcock Gerald Weed Kate Wavrik
2 David Byrd Chad Watson Kelly Watson
3 Orlando Chang Jeremy Manning Karen Gruzosky
4 Vince McIntire Jeremy Jensen Shane Kelly
5 Ryan McLin Joel Busch Brian Arnold
6 John Hardy Joe Dickerson Misty Kohler
7 Robin King Quentin Lightbourn John Lindskey
8 Chris Beck Chris Berth Deb Russell
9 John D. Hughes Ketil Hareland Laura Perry
10 Ethan Wellman Ben Edwards Ricky Griego
11 Hanh Nguyen Timothy Smith Nathan Thomas
12 Galen McIntire Andres Sena Enrique Contreras
13 Chris Robblee Christopher Rapson
14 Michael Dolejsi John Tartis
15 Neil Barnas Mike Lancaster
16 John Dietrich Richard Byrne
17 Phuoc Le
18 Samuel R. Davidson
19 Andrew Waldrum
20 Jeremy Seibert
21 Erik Kroncke

Tournament Results


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