Fall Semester 1996 Tournament Schedule

(revised 16 October 1996)

Sponsored by
Billy Aardd's Club,
and Auxiliary Services.

Cutthroat (in a self-seeding format)

The first tournament (scheduled for October 5, and 6) was a Cutthroat tournament using a format developed by Jim McCarthy. This tournament is a self-seeding tournament. As a self-seeding tournament it can accommodate players of vastly different skill levels and provide most with a fun time and a good chance to win in either the "A" or "B" divisions that develop after five rounds of play. No eliminations take place until after the third round of play.

Entry Deadline was October 3 at 14:00. There was no entry fee for this tournament even though there was prize money for both of the final divisions (out to four places each).

The tournament had twelve entries but we decided to run it anyway. We ended up playing with eleven since two of the twelve didn't make it (we picked up one alternate). It went relatively smoothly after the initial confusion of the first round. Thank you to those who signed-up and showed-up!


This is a Plaque event.

This tournament was played and came off well. Here are the 7-9-8 results.

18.2 Balkline

The third planned tournament is 18.2 Balkline. This tournament is tentatively scheduled for weekday evenings from October 16 through October 23 (inclusive).

Entry deadline is 17:00 Wednesday, October 16. Entry fees are due at the time of sign up. Please pay the entry fee to the gameroom attendant. Schedules will be posted by 17:40 Wednesday, October 16. Please notify the TD before your first match if you have a problem with the schedule.

Here are the results of the 18.2 Balkline tournament.

Billiard / Snooker / Straight

The last tournament of the semester is scheduled to use, if needed, three weekends of November (2 and 3, 9 and 10, 16 and 17). This tournament is a Plaque Event and will test the skills of the best players. (It will also test endurance since the matches will be from three to four and a half hours each.) It is the Billiard-Snooker-Straight tournament. Each match is the best two of three games where the games are (in order of play):

There is an entry fee and prize money. Entry fees are due at the time of sign up. Please pay the entry fee to the gameroom attendant.

Signup will open October 10 and will close October 31 at 19:00. The schedule for the tournament will be posted no later then 18:00 on November 3. (First round games are the only ones that may get rescheduled, and then only if possible). If you enter this tournament please plan to commit to the times you are scheduled to play.

Handicapped Straight Tournament

We are planning on holding a Handicapped Straight tournament this spring. In order to participate in this tournament you will need to have at least 10 games of Billy Aardd's Handicapped 14.1 Continuous Ladder play recorded so that we have a basis for your spots. This requirement sets a Qualification Deadline of entering the 14.1 Ladder sometime during the week of October 21, 1996. You may check with any of the current ladder players about entering the ladder or talk with the Ladder Director.

More Information

Additional details about these tournaments may be found at the Tournament Board in the SUB Gameroom. If you have questions about the tournaments you can ask our Tournament Director (TD) Bruce Nemetz (email: nemetz@mailhost.nmt.edu), or the Assistant Tournament Director (ATD) Ray Piworunas (email: ray@mailhost.nmt.edu).

Billy Aardd.