Spring 1996

Billy Aardd's Club
Cut Throat Tournament.

October 5th.


  1. 1st Round Foursomes.
  2. 2nd Round Foursomes.
  3. Early Rounds Score Card.
  4. 3rd Round Foursomes.
  5. 4th Round Foursomes.
  6. Tournament Stats.
  7. Tournament Results.

1st Round Foursomes

Rather than cancel the tournament the player's have agreed to particpate in a 12 player field knowing that the self-seeding mechanism may fail.

The foursomes for the first round are selected by random draw. The first and second rounds of play will sort the field according to each player's record through those rounds.

1996   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   I     (1st seeding round)                                             Four stroke limit.
Sat 2:45pm   West
Sat 2:45pm   East
Sat 2:45pm   South
John A. Hardy Joe Fleming Aaron Richardson
Will Ludlam Lisa Miret Mike DeStefano
Jordan Jensen Dan Lunceford Bruce Nemetz
John Hagstrom August Breithaupt Simon Cunningham

2nd Round Foursomes

This round groups together (from the first round):

1996   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   II     (2nd seeding round)                                             Eight stroke limit.
Sat 3:35pm   West
Sat 3:35pm   East
Sat 3:35pm   South
John Hagstrom Dan Lunceford Lisa Miret
Bruce Nemetz Jordan Jensen Will Ludlam
Joe Fleming Mike DeStefano John A. Hardy
Aaron Richardson Simon Cunningham August Breithaupt

Score Card

This score card is used to determine the foursomes for the third round. The players are ranked according to the points they earned in the first and second rounds (based on which group they were in and where they finished in their group).

1996   -   C U T   T H R O A T   Score Card
Player Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Total Rank
Aaron Richardson 4 3 7 7
Bruce Nemetz 10 9 19 2
Simon Cunningham (F) 0 0 0 11
Mike DeStefano 7 4 11 6
Dan Lunceford 7 6 13 5
August Breithaupt (F) 0 0 0 12
Lisa Miret (drop) 4 2 6 9
Joe Fleming 10 6 16 3
Jordan Jensen 7 8 15 4
Will Ludlam 1 4 5 10
John Hagstom 10 12 22 1
John A. Hardy 4 3 7 8

3rd Round Foursomes

The foursomes for this round are grouped according to the rank they earned on the score card (from the first two rounds). Similarly ranked players are grouped together. The round will eliminate four of the players so that round IV becomes the final round (with an "A" and a "B" division).

It should be noted that each of the three foursomes are composed of only three people. This resulted in only two people shooting in three of the CutThroat games played by each foursome.

1996   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   III     (1st elimination round)                                             No stroke limit.
FS 1
Sat 4:45pm   West
FS 2
Sat 4:45pm   East
FS 3
Sat 4:45pm   South
John Hagstrom Bruce Nemetz Aaron Richardson
Dan Lunceford Jordan Jensen John A. Hardy
Mike DeStefano Joe Fleming Will Ludlam

4th Round Foursomes

The foursomes for this round are grouped according to their play in round III.

Play in this round determines who wins places 1 through 4 in each division.

1996   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Round   V     (place round)                                             No stroke limit.
FS "A"
Sat 6:00pm   West

FS "B"
Sun 6:00pm   East

John Hagstrom Mike DeStefano
Dan Lunceford Joe Fleming
Jordan Jensen Will Ludlam
Bruce Nemetz John A. Hardy

Tournament Stats

Cut Throat
Round I Round II Round III Round IV Round V
Frsm Pts Plc Frsm Pts Plc Frsm Pts Plc Frsm Pts Plc Frsm Pts Plc
Frank DellaRocco I 40 1 I 43 3 III 67 1 1A 56 2 A 72 1

Tournament Results

1996   -   C U T   T H R O A T
Tournament Results
"A" Division
"B" Division

John Hagstrom 1st Joe Fleming
Jordan Jensen 2nd Will Ludlam
Dan Lunceford 3rd John A. Hardy
Bruce Nemetz 4th Mike DeStefano

Billy Aardd.