Billy Aardd's Club
Spring 1992 Tournaments.


Below is a preliminary tournament schedule for the spring semester. Tournament dates are fairly stable, as are the games selected. Both are subject to change if good reasons warrant it. Details for each tournament will be posted several weeks before the scheduled tournament date. If you enter any of these tournaments please plan to devote the entire weekend to them.

MARCH 20th -- 22th.   7-9-8 BALL

The tournament will be Double Elimination on a match basis. Each match will be best 2 of 3 sets. The first set will be 7-BALL, best 5 of 9 games. The second set will be 9-BALL, best 4 of 7 games. The third set (if needed) will be 8-BALL, best 2 of 3 games. There will be at least 2 divisions. More details soon. Entry fees and prizes to be announced. Referees will be needed.

APRIL 10th -- 12th.   CUTTHROAT

This tournament will be self-seeding. A minimum of 16 players will be required for this to work. A field of 32 would provide the best schedule. The only other possible fields will be: 20, 24, or 28 players. Details will be posted by Friday, 27 March. Since this tournament is self-seeding there will only be one division. NO ENTRY FEE. A couple of supervisors will be needed (I am asking for volunteers).

Ray Piworunas, acting TD.

Billy Aardd.