Billy Aardd's Club
Fall 1992 Tournaments.


Below is a preliminary tournament schedule for the fall semester. Tournament dates are fairly stable, as are the games selected. Both are subject to change if good reasons warrant it. Details for each tournament (e.g. entry fees, prizes) will be posted several weeks before the scheduled tournament date (if not sooner). If you enter any of these tournaments please plan to devote the entire weekend to them. We will need people to help referee.


This tournament will be Double Elimination on a match basis. Each match will be best 4 of 7 games. The games will be selected by the players. Each player will have a card on which he can list up to 5 games (a new card is issued for each match) from the list below. Once a game is selected from the player's card he can not select it again. The first game will be chosen by the winner of the opening lag. Successive games will be chosen by the looser of the previous game (each break will be determined by lag). No game may be played more than twice per match. If the players are unable to select a game the referee will do so from the master list below.

Bottle-Pocket, Bowlliards, Cowboy (61-pts), One Pocket, Cribbage, Line-up (30-pts), Six Ball, Seven Ball, 1-15 Eight Ball, Nine Ball, American Snooker (Diamond rack), Balkline Billiards (15-pts), Progressive Billiards (10-pts), 3-Cushion Billiards (10-pts), English Billiards (20-pts).

OCTOBER 22nd -- 24th.   BOWLLIARDS

The tournament will award prizes for the 5 highest scores. A person can enter as many times as they wish, though they can not win more than one prize. For a round to be played there must be at least 3 players, and no more than 6 players. This will be a free-format tournament in that there will be no set match times. Matches will run when there are enough players present and willing.

NOVEMBER 13th -- 15th.   7-9-8 BALL

The tournament will be Double Elimination on a match basis. Each match will be best 2 of 3 sets. The first set will be 7-BALL, best 5 of 9 games. The second set will be 9-BALL, best 4 of 7 games. The third set (if needed) will be 8-BALL, best 2 of 3 games.

Ray Piworunas, acting TD.

Billy Aardd.