Billy Aardd's Club
Fall 1984 Tournaments.

7 - 9 - 8 Ball Tournament

October 13, 14, 20 and 21.
( This is a Plaque event.)


  1. Tournament Announcement.
  2. Player's list.
  3. Tournament Results.

Tournament Announcement

Tournament will be a double elimination with the top four players seeded. (If there are less than 9 entries we will run a triple elimination tournament.)

The entry fee is $1.00 for those with a valid Tech ID, $2.00 for those without. The entry fee should be paid when you sign up. (Please pay the gameroom attendant, there is an envelope in the cash drawer for this.) No person is barred from entering the tournament. Prize money breaks down as follows:

Formal Referees will be used for this tournament, and all judgement calls will be considered final. Please familarize yourself with the rules, they are posted on the gameroom wall. If you would like to referee, we will need some help, please indicate so next to your name on the sign up sheet.

Each match is best 2 of 3 sets.

There is no time limit on these matches.

Match times are scheduled in advance, any player 15 minutes late for a match will forfeit that match. Matches may be played at a time other than that scheduled if both players and the Tournament Director agree and it does not toherwise interfere with the Tournament. The match times will be posted Friday nigth before 10:30pm in the S.U.B. Gameroom.

If there is some time during the weekend that you would be unable to play a match, note it on the sign up sheet and we will try to schedule your gmaes around it.

Good luck, and Enjoy.

Player List

Here's the player list.

Player List
Player (seed) Times can't play. Referee
1 Kurt McFall (2)
2 Julie Johnson
3 Rich Schrader (4)
4 Dinh Thang
5 Rich Baxter
6 Fred Holz 2-5pm sunday 10/14/84.
7 Kevin Meier
8 John Gonzales
9 Micheal Heaton
10 Stephen Ilbery (3)
11 Steve Schafer
12 Dale Raffo
13 John Hagstrom (1)

Tournament Results

Place Player

Billy Aardd.