Rules for SIX-BALL


  1. Type of Game
  2. Players
  3. Balls Used
  4. The Rack
  5. Object of the Game
  6. Scoring
  7. Opening Break
  8. Rules of Play
  9. Illegally Pocket Balls
  10. Jumped Object Balls
  11. Cue Ball After Jump or Scratch
  12. Penalty for Fouls

Except when clearly contradicted by these additional rules, the General Rules of Pocket Billiards apply. Type of Game A six ball variation of Nine Ball. Players Two individuals, or two teams. Balls Used Object balls numbered 1-6, plus the cue ball. The Rack A diamond rack with the one-ball on the apex of the triangle and the six-ball in the center of the last row. Object of the Game To legally pocket the six-ball. Scoring The shooter continues at the table any time his first contact is with the lowest numbered ball on the table and a ball (other than the cue-ball) falls in a pocket as a result of his stroke. Ball and/or pocket need not be called. Opening Break An "Open Break", or a pocketed ball, is required for a legal break. Failuire to do at least one of the preceeding is a foul and gives incoming player option of accpeting balls as they are and putting cue ball into play from the kitchen, or breaking a fresh rack himself. Rules of Play

  1. Cue-ball's first contact, on a legal shot, must be with the lowest numbered ball on the table. Failure to do this is a foul.
  2. Safety play is not allowed. Playing a safety is a foul.
  3. Three consecutive fouls by a player is loss of game for that player.
Illegally Pocketed Balls Are spotted. No penalty is imposed beyond fouls associated with the stroke. Jumped Object Balls Are spotted -- no penalty. Cue Ball After Jump or Scratch Incoming player has cue ball in hand behind head string. Penalty for Fouls Incoming player has cue ball in hand behind head string.
These rules are used by Billy Aardd's Club, NMIMT, Socorro, NM.