Rungs for Round 1.
Mon, 03-Feb-1997 12:00   to   Wed, 9-Feb-1997 18:00

Immediate forfeits in red

Please record final scores on this sheet -- no need to track each stroke.
Fouls subtract 7-pts (each) from fouler's score.

AVG Score Score AVG
Initial Final Final Initial
1 Chris Robblee
(Conan the Destroyer)
raw 35 (   ;   ;   ) (   ;   ;   ) 5 raw -- winner 2nd rung --
(Cocky B*stard)
2 Bruce Nemetz
(Cocky B*stard)
raw 40 (   ;   ;   ) (   ;   ;   ) -18 raw Neil Deans
3 Galen McIntire
raw 27 (   ;   ;   ) (   ;   ;   ) 31 raw John Hardy
(The Whistler)
4 Steve Deal raw 13 (   ;   ;   ) (   ;   ;   ) 40 raw Will Ludlum
5 Mark Martinez raw -1 (   ;   ;   ) (   ;   ;   ) 29 raw Jack Bender
(Jack the Castrator)

This ladder is not subsidizied by the S.A. or Auxiliary so you'll need to pay full table time after each match.


The first two rounds will be played unhandicapped instead of playing a game to establish a handicap.

The handicapping is similar to bowling, in this case 80% of the difference between your score plus thirty-five points (to allow for an average of five fouls per player) and the ideal (147) avaeraged over the last five games (once we get that many played).   The handicap will be added on to the player's game score of the day and the winner will be determined from that sum.   This system doiesn't attempt to take into account fouls as a result of snooker so it only compensates for a player's ability to pot balls.   If both players are equally adept at getting out of snookers then that will balance out -- if they aren't then the advantage goes to the better player.

Unlike normal American Snooker games fouls will be deducted (at 7-pts each) from the fouler's score.

Billy Aardd.