Billy Aardd's Club
Handicapped 18.2 Balkline Ladder

Open to all faculty, staff, and students at Tech  (no need to be a Billy Aardd's Club member).

The Rules and Regulations   (like joining, and setting player's starting scores)   by which the ladder is run are based on our 14.1 ladder and the Fall 2006 3-Cushion tournament handicapping method.

For more information please stop by the game room.

Round Information.

Spring 2001
LD : Hagstrom
Round 1. Round 2. Round 3. Round 4.  
Fall 2007
LD : Aitken
        Round 5.
Spring 2012
LD : Ray
Round 6. Round 7. Round 8.    

Player contact info .

Billy Aardd.