Rungs for Round 1.

Thr 12-Sep-2013 14:00   to   Wed 18-Sep-2013 20:00

Matches should be on the order of 1-hour to 1.5 hours long (&at; 10 to 15-min per game).

Immediate forfeits in red

Needs Scored Scored Needs S.R.

1 Sam Strong 48 - TBD - - TBD - - TBD - -winner 2nd rung-
2 Ryan Dekle 31 3 1 4 4 40 Zach Thorsheim
3 Ethan Contreras 29 3 WbF Forfeit 3 24 Thomas Nicholson
4 Russell Van Dam 35 3 3 2 3 28 Liam Dudeck
5 Travis Rodgers 32 3 3 1 4 43 Holly Higgins

Rating charts  (http://infohost.nmt.edu/~billiard/Ladders/8-ball/new_charts.html).

In order to get this first round started I have posted it with three players (Zach, Liam, and Travis) still needing to have their player ratings set.   Those who have been through the process (most probably their match partners) can help them establish their rating.   Remember, it is most important they are warmed up before starting on their rating run.   Once their rating is established the "Needs" columns for both players of a match can be set from the "rating charts".

Scoring notes

Be sure to record the number of games each player in a match won (under their "Scored" column).

Adding or Dropping

  1. To DROP please print DROP next to your name (in the rungs above).
  2. To ADD you must have a player who knows how to establish a "skill rating" help you get yours.

      ADD:   Name,   S.R.,   Phone, and   email.


Billy Aardd.