Handicapped Straight Ladder (No. 2) Rungs

Round 2
Mon 24-feb-1997 12:00 -> Sun 21-mar-1997 18:00

Handicaps will be figured using the last five most recent games of this ladder. The L2BPI will be an equal weighted average of the LBPI of each match.

The games will be to 75-points with a maximum 125-ball spot. The minimum LBPI for figuring spots will be 1.000 (any player lower than a 1.000 will have 1.000 used for calculating the spot). The spot will be 60% of the the differences in handicaps over a 75-point game { spot = (45 x (Hi/Lo)) - 45 }.

If you need to get ahold of me contact information is on the Straight Ladder player's list.

Ray Piworunas.
Straight_2 Ladder Director.

*** Please record final scores on this sheet. ***

Rung Assignments.

Mon 24-feb-1997 12:00
Sun 21-mar-1997 18:00

LBPI Player Name (Nick Name)
Top Rung 1.540 Will Ludlam (Spinal)
1.208 Bruce Nemetz (Cocky B*stard)
3.316 Ray Piworunas
Second Rung * 0.872 Steve Deal
1.426 Mark Martinez
1.188 Chris Robblee (Conan the Destroyer)

Match Table.

Mon 24-feb-1997 12:00
Sun 21-mar-1997 18:00

Match Spot Spotter Opponent
7 12 Will Ludlam Bruce Nemetz
8 79 Ray Piworunas Bruce Nemetz
9 52 Ray Piworunas Will Ludlam
10 19 Mark Martinez Steve Deal
11 9 Mark Martinez Chris Robblee
12 8 Chris Robblee Steve Deal

Billy Aardd.