Handicapped Straight Ladder (No. 2) Rungs

Round 1
Mon 10-feb-1997 12:00 -> Sun 23-feb-1997 18:00

This first round will be played using people's last five games from the first straight ladder in order to establish handicaps.

The games will be to 75-points with a maximum 125-ball spot. The minimum LBPI for figuring spots will be 1.000 (any player lower than a 1.000 will have 1.000 used for calculating the spot). The spot will be 60% of the the differences in handicaps over a 75-point game.

If you need to get ahold of me contact information is on the Straight Ladder player's list.

Ray Piworunas.
Straight_2 Ladder Director.

*** Please record final scores on this sheet. ***

Rung Assignments.

Mon 10-feb-1997 12:00
Sun 23-feb-1997 18:00

LBPI Player Name (Nick Name)
Top Rung 1.246 Will Ludlam (Spinal)
* 0.820 Steve Deal
1.182 Bruce Nemetz (Cocky B*stard)
Second Rung 2.175 Ray Piworunas
1.313 Mark Martinez
1.226 Chris Robblee (Conan the Destroyer)

Match Table.

Mon 10-feb-1997 12:00
Sun 23-feb-1997 18:00

Match Spot Spotter Opponent
1 11 Will Ludlam Steve Deal
2 8 Bruce Nemetz Steve Deal
3 2 Will Ludlam Bruce Nemetz
4 3 Mark Martinez Chris Robblee
5 29 Ray Piworunas Mark Martinez
6 35 Ray Piworunas Chris Robblee

Billy Aardd.