BILLIARDS (Carom, Pool, and Snooker)
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
(New Mexico Tech)


Fidel Student Center ,
  Socorro,   NM   87801,   USA ,   (575) 835-5927.

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  1. Introduction

    Learn more about the Billy Aardd's Club at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.
    You can also view the Billy Aardd's Club constitution, and the club's operating procedures.

  2. Notices.

  3. Meetings.

    A weekly meeting time has not been set yet.   Check with the club's officers for setting a time.
    Business, when it happens, is usually around 8:00.
    We welcome new players (come by and pick up a few tips).
    Drop on by if you'd like some help with your game, or you have questions on why a certain shot works the way it does.

  4. Ladders

      (14.1,   8-ball,   9-ball (team or individual),   Straight Rail Carom,  18.2 balkline,   3-cushion,   Snooker).

  5. Tournaments

      Open to students, faculty, and staff unless otherwise noted  (see specific tournament flyer).

  6. Recommended Equipment Care.

  7. Rules.

    Check out:

  8. History of Game Room (with billiard table layouts).

  9. Links to Other Sites.



(If this information seems outdated checking with the game room attendant at 835-5927 is always an option.)


  1. President:   Wayne McFarland.
  2. Vice President:   Brandon Baldonado.
  3. CFO:   Nicholas Apodaca.
  4. Tournament Director:   Joshua Berson.

Aside from the occasional business that needs to be conducted the meetings offer opportunity for:

Billy Aardd's Club (BAC) Reunion  -  Recap.

Our first reunion (2014) went quite well.   We had two game room sessions and a group dinner.   We are planning on having the next one during 49er's in 2017.

Here are some photos from the reunion (2014), and a BBQ in the courtyard of the SUB (some time around 2001?).

For those curious about their 14.1 ladder matches you can look at: Original 50-point 14.1, or Current 44-point 14.1.


Sign up on the round sheet (posted on the right wing of the rightmost white board) of which ever ladder you want to play on.   Be sure to leave your name (first and last), your conditional rating (CLBPI, CPPI, ...), your phone number, and an email address (preferably one from Tech).   Please check with one of the players on the ladder your are interested in for setting your conditional rating.

If you'd like to play on a ladder that is not currently running know that we need at least six people to start it (it would work better with eight though).   Check with others to see if they would also sign up for it.

CAUTION:   Note that ladder play can eat up your time and so it is recommended that you limit participation to two (or at most three) ladders at a time.


  1. Announcements and Schedules   current,   and past,   (BAC) tournament information.

  2. History of NM Tech's participation in ACUI recreational tournaments.

  3. Tournament Director's Guide.

  4. Score Sheets.

  5. Round Robin formats.

  6. Various format brackets.

Rules for Various Cue Games

    House Rules

Pocket Billiards

  1. General Rules of Pocket Billiards.
  2. Seven-Ball.
  3. Eight-Ball.
  4. One, Fifteen, Eight-Ball.
  5. Any Eight   (created by a Billy Aardd's member).
  6. Nine-Ball.
  7. Back Pocket Nine-Ball.
  8. Bowlliards.
  9. 9.1 Lulu   (created by a Billy Aardd's member).
  10. 14.1 Continuous.
  11. Cutthroat.
  12. Scooter   (created by Brandon Ramirez).
  13. CT-12-9   (created by a Billy Aardd's member).
  14. Bank Pool.
  15. One Pocket.
  16. Whammy   (created by bored Billy Aardd's members).
  17. Cribbage.
  18. Cricket   (created by Ken Hart, former game room manager).


  1. American Snooker.

Pockets and Caroms

  1. English Billiards.
  2. Cowboy Pocket Billiards.
  3. Bottle Pocket Billiards.

Carom Billiards

  1. General Rules of Carom Billiards.
  2. Carom Billiards.
  3. 18.2 Balkline.
  4. Korean 9 Ball.
  5. Three Cushion Billiards.
  6. Progressive Billiards.

Tournament Considerations

  1. Tournament Rules and Regulations.
  2. Tournament Director's Guide.

    Other Rule Sets

Brunswick Balke Collender rules of billiards, from 1914.

World Pool-Billiard Association.

Billiard Congress of America.

VNEA   (Valley National 8-Ball League Association).

UPA   (US Professional Poolplayers Association).

Tenball is a shooter's game mix of snooker and pool.

World rules of 5-pin billiard (Italian billiard).

Cannonball Pool is a variation of Eight-ball that allows more variety in shot selection. has an interesting collection of rules (unfortunately many links have gone stale).

Mouse Ball Pool. While the table dimensions are a bit strange it seems to be doable.

A single page copy of the Alan Hopkin's Q-Skill rating system scorecard and rules.

Game Room

Some history and billiard table layouts.

Links to Other Sites

Cue Sports: General

Carom Billiards

Pocket Billiards


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