The Unofficial
College of St. Golias

This is the unofficial songbook of St. Golias. This is a work in progress, please be patient.

For more information on what the College of St. Golias and the SCA is please visit the official site.

Several of our singers came up with a bright idea of putting the songbook online, whereas I had gotten the idea of putting Lady Lill of the Vanishing Woods' (aka Mom aka Lill Kracke) songbook on the computer. I got the task of typing/scanning, formating, organizing, and maintaining the songbook. There are currently over 300 songs in our songbook. Then I got the bright idea of putting it online in time for the fall event season, silly silly me. So here it is for better or worse.

This is a compilation of several songbooks. Two of these songbooks are online they are the Dancing Fox and the Black Book of Locksely. Songs from these books have been preserved in their original form with the exception of running spell check and fixing formating. Songs from our sites are to be used for education and are not to be used for profit. Many of these songs already have such restrictions so it is not an unreasonable request. 

I have tried to source (websites, authors, history, etc.) all the songs but that wasn't possible for most of them. I've tried to give credit where credit was due. If you have authored a song that you want to have removed please contact me Amy Trivitt-Kracke. Include your name and the song and I'll remove it as soon as I can. If you know the author or tune for a song feel free to contact me about it. 

Note: All of the songs are formated in Times New Roman 11 to 9 point and are word documents. Titles in blue have MP3's and titles in green have midi's on the web. Whenever possible the links for the music have been included. MP3's were found primarily from

This site is not sanctioned by, or an official instrument of the SCA, Inc. and/or New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (New Mexico Tech); nor is it sanctioned by, or an official instrument of any sub-group of the SCA and/or New Mexico Tech and as such does not delineate policy or regulations for the SCA and/or New Mexico Tech. This site exists to provide information and educate.

The Songbook

Song Index
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