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The Blackbird Of Sweet Avondale

Black Jack Davy

Black Swan Rising

Black widows in the privy

Black Velvet Band

Blow the Man Down

The Blackbird Of Sweet Avondale

(Traditional-From Silly Wizard, A Glint of Silver)

By the sweet bay of Dublin, while carelessly strolling
I sat myself down by a green myrtle shade
Reclined on the beach, as the wild waves were rolling
In sorrowful condoning, I saw a fair maid

Her robes changed to mourning, that once were so glorious
I stood in amazement to hear her sad wail
Her heartstrings burst forth with wild ascent uproarious
Saying, "Where, where is my Blackbird of sweet Avondale?"

"In the fair counties Meath, Wexford, Cork, and Tipperary,
The rights of Old Ireland, my Blackbird did sing
Ah, but woe to the hour, with heart light and airy
Away from my arms, to Dublin took wing"

"The fowlers waylaid him in hopes to ensnare him
While I here in sorrow, his absence bewail
Oh, it grieves me to think that the walls of Kilmainham
Surround my dear Blackbird of sweet Avondale"

"Oh, Ireland, my country, awake from your slumbers
And give back my Blackbird, so dear unto me
And let everyone know, by the strength of your numbers
That we, as a nation, would wish to be free"

"The cold prison dungeons is no habitation
For one, to his country, was loyal and true
Then give him his freedom, without hesitation
And remember he fought hard for freedom and you"

"Oh, Heaven, give ear to my consultation
And strengthen the bold sons of Old Granuaile
And God grant that my country will soon be a nation
And bring back the Blackbird to sweet Avondale"
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Black Jack Davy


They call me Black Jack Davy
Black Jack Davy

There long years since she’s gone and 3 long years I missed her,
Three long years since I held her close and longer since I kissed her,
Now I ride the hills both night and day looking for my lady,
And the people of the town when I come their way,

They call me Black Jack Davy.


They call me Black Jack, Black Jack Davy.
Cause I ride the hills in search of a fair young lady,
And they call me Black Jack, Black Jack Davy,
And I’ll ride the hills until I find my lady.

It was only three short years ago, although it seems forever,
Off she rode with a gypsy lad through the wild wood and the heather,
Now the men folk see me ride through the night stand close to their ladies,
For as I gallop through the soft moon light, they call me,
Black Jack Davy.


Then one night I woke in fright and she was not beside me,
But a glimmer of light through the thick rowan trees was all I had to guide me,
I rode all night to the morning light looking for my lady,
Taken away by the midnight call, away from Black Jack Davy.


The years have come, the years have gone, through the midnight lonely,
Rides the shape of a broken man, looking for his only,
And the people of the town, If you ask them yet they swear by the youngest baby,
That the ghostly sight in the dark midnight is the Gypsy Black Jack Davy.


They call me Black Jack Davy.
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Black Swan Rising

We came as strangers to this land with nothing but our wills;
Our hands were open, and deeds were put therein.
Stone surrendered to our skill, sweat made barrens yield our fill,
We wrought in ice and fire, a home to win!

CHORUS Now the black swan rises and she spreads her wings
O'er the hearths of heroes and the halls of kings.
By the valley's richness, by the mountain's snow,

This is our Cynagua - we have made it so!
Blood and spirit bind us to the hills and to the soil
Our hands were open to do and not just try.
Faint hearts never won the spoil - boldness makes the cauldron boil.
We'll feast with fate and dare her to reply!


Welcome, stranger, to our home, the feasting board is laid.
Our hands are open to all who come as friends.
Share our pride in what we've made, but come not with the foeman's blade,
For what the swan has built, the swan defends.

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Black widows in the privy

(by Keridwen on Mynydd Gwyadd aka Heather Jones)

Everyone knows someone we’d be better off without,
But best not mention names for we don’t know who’s about
But why commit a murder and risk the fires of hell,
When black widows in the privy can do it just as well.

Now poison’s good, and daggers, and arrows in the back,
And if you are really desperate you can try a front attack,
But are they really worthy of the risk of being caught
When black widows in the privy need not be bribed or bought?

So if there’s one, of whom you wish most simply to be rid,
Just wait ‘til dark then point the way to where the widow’s hid,
And black widows in the privy will gladly do the rest.
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Black Velvet Band

Melody - Seq. by Barry Taylor

In a neat little town they call Belfast,
An apprentice boy I was bound,
And many's the happy hour
I have spent in that neat little town.

But bad misfortune o'er took me,
And caused me to stray from the land,
Far away from my friends and relations,
Betrayed by the black velvet band.

Oh, one evening late as I rambled,
Not meaning to go very far,
When I met with a gay young deceiver.
She was plyin' her trade in a bar.

Oh, her eyes they shone like the diamonds,
And I thought her the pride of the land,
And her hair hung over her shoulders,
Tied up with a black velvet band.

Oh, one evening a flashman, a watchman
She happened to meet on the sly.
I could tell that her mind it was altered,
By the roll of her roving dark eye.

Oh, that watch she took from his pocket.
She slipped it right into my hand.
Then she gave me in charge to the policeman.
Bad luck to the black velvet band.

Now before the Lord Mayor I was taken.
My guilt they proved quite plain,
And he said if I was not mistaken,
I should have to cross the salt main.

Now its sixteen long years have they gave me,
To plough upon Van Dieman's land,
Far away from my friends and relations,
A curse on the black velvet band.

So come all ye jolly young fellows,
I'll have ye take warning from me.
Whenever you're out on the liquor,
Beware of them pretty colleens.
They'll treat you to whiskey and porter,

Till you are not able to stand;
And the very next thing that you know, my lads,
You'll end up in Van Dieman's land.
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Blow the Man Down

Sheet music and midi

Come all ye young fellows that follows the sea
To me, way hey, blow the man down

Now please pay attention and listen to me
Give me some time to blow the man down
I'm a deep water sailor just come from Hong Kong

You give me some whiskey, I'll sing you a song
When a trim Black Ball liner's preparing for sea (?)

On a trim Black Ball liner I wasted me prime
When a trim Black Ball liner preparing for sea

You'll split your sides laughing such sights you would see
There's tinkers and tailors, shoemakers and all

They're all shipped for sailors aboard the Black Ball
When a big Black Ball liner's a-leaving her dock

The boys and the girls on the pier-head do flock
Now, when the big liner, she's clear of land

Our bosun he roars out the word of command
Come quickly, lay aft to the break of the poop

Or I'll help you along with the toe of me boot
Pay attention to orders, now, you one and all

For see high above there flies the Black Ball
'Tis larboard and starboard, on deck you will sprawl

For kicking Jack Rogers commands the Black Ball

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