My services

I offer very flexible consulting and training services, customized to your situation as needed. Here are a few of the possibilities:

  • Short visits to your site. Such a visit might include presentations, meetings with key people, and discussions with programming teams or other small groups.
  • Intensive training courses at your site. The attendees might be a group of managers or other key people, a programming team that is to undertake a pilot project using the new practices, or a larger group.
  • On-site, hands-on collaboration with your people on real projects. This would be especially appropriate after a training course, to help your people apply the methods presented in the course.
  • Long-distance followup and other consultation by email, phone, etc.

I also have colleagues available for collaboration and referrals. All are experts in technologies such as those described in these pages, and have extensive and varied experience in industry, including regular employment, contracting, and consulting.

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