I offer consulting and training to organizations that produce software.

I help organizations learn about well-established best practices that the best organizations use to mazimize their chances of smooth-running and successful projects.

I emphasize the following areas:

  • The basics of conducting a software project

    If your organization or some of your key people are new to substantial software projects — if your project managers or senior developers have plenty of technical skill but no training in running a project — or if you're not happy with the outcome of your last project and you're not sure what went wrong — then you could probably use some help in this area.

  • Defect prevention

    If you spend more time than you'd like on debugging and fixing code that should have been ready to go — if your projects run late or over-budget as a result — or if your products aren't as defect-free as you'd like — then perhaps you could use some help with defect prevention.

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