Training courses

From time to time I may offer publicly-advertised courses on various aspects of software development.

Here is a sample course description. This is a course on the basics of managing software projects. It is at an introductory level, aimed at two kinds of people in particular:

  • Managers, or people with training in management, who are not technical people and who need to understand the special characteristics and problems of software projects.
  • Technical people who have been promoted to management positions but have had no real training in managing projects.

Of course, if the audience fell entirely in one category or the other, or if the audience had any special needs or interests that we could accomodate, the course would be adjusted accordingly.

Other courses, including courses on Cleanroom and inspections, are available as well. All courses can be offered either in a public venue or on-site at a client's location.

Each course is usually offered with the collaboration of one or more of my associates, who enrich it with their unique experience and perspectives.

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