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Install Windows XP Professional

Before reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell Dimension computer try the System Restore command. This command uses the original configuration that is stored on a separate partition of the hard disk. For this command to work, the hardware should be returned to the same state as when the computer was new. That is, remove any added PCI cards. Execute the System Restore command by pressing Ctrl-F11 after the computer is turned on. For a Dell Optiflex computer, got to the BIOS, Drives, change SATA operation from AHCI to ATA.

To install Windows XP

  1. Locate the Windows XP reinstallation CD
  2. Start the computer and insert the XP reinstallation CD
  3. Press F12 to boot from the CD
  4. At Welcome to Setup screen press Enter
  5. At Licensing screen, press F8
  6. Select Drive C and press Enter
  7. Select Format NTFS (Quick) and press Enter
  8. Press F to start the formatting (Wait)
  9. At Regional and Language Options pick Next
  10. Fill in Name and Organization fields, click Next
  11. Fill in Computer Name and Administrator Password fields
  12. Set the time and time zone, click Next (Wait)
  13. At Display Settings click OK
  14. At Monitor Settings click OK

Starting Windows XP

  1. At the Welcome to Microsoft Windows screen click Next
  2. Pick Help protect my PC and click Next
  3. Fill out the Your name field and click Next
  4. At the Thank you screen click Next

Installing drivers

  1. Windows XP is now running, however, five hardware drivers need to be installed
  2. The needed drivers are for Video Adapter, Audio, Communication (Modem), Chipset, and Network
  3. Try to install these from the Dell Drivers and Utilities CD
  4. If not, get the drivers from the Dell Support web page
    • Click Drivers and Downloads
    • Click Enter a Tag and type the Service Tag from the back of the computer and click Go
    • Next to Category: click Change Category
    • In the list, select one of the five driver types to reduce the choices
    • For each driver, click Download Now and save the file
    • If downloaded to a different computer, copy to a flash memory key put the key in the computer being set up
    • Under C:\Dell make a new folder called Drivers
    • Copy the drivers to this folder
  5. From Explorer, execute each of the drivers in this order
    • System utilities
    • Chipset Software Installation Utility
    • Two other chip sets in either order
    • Video
    • Network
    • Audio
    • Modem
    • Wireless Network Card
  6. Restart the computer

Install other programs

  1. Update Win XP
  2. Install antivirus
  3. Install Abouttime, start up, set in Scheduled tasks of Control Panel
  4. Install Defender
  5. Install Set workgroup
  6. Install Start Internet Explorer
  7. Install Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Pdf reader
  8. Install Start MS Word and register, close, update
  9. Install Shockwave
  10. Install Google Earth

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