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The following five sections are a guide we use to maintaining nine PCs with Windows 98 between work and home. Three PCs have been rebuilt with new motherboards and two have started a new life with new hard disks. Many of the items below have been discussed on newsgroups referenced in the previous section.

If the hard disk has only drive C, defragment the drive, then install Partition Magic so you can create a second partition. Then create logical drives D, E, F, and G in the second partition. Keep only Windows on C, data on D, other programs on E, caches on F, and backup on G.

Regular Maintenance

  1. Delete the contents of the /TEMP folder (except for today's files).
  2. Run Scandisk regularly (should be programmed in Task Scheduler).
  3. Run Defrag regularly.
  4. Run RegClean (CNET), also here.
  5. Delete Temporarily Internet Files in Internet Explorer.
    (Internet Explorer keeps copies of every web site visited including all graphics.)
  6. Run the System Configuration Utility (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSCONFIG.EXE) and disable unneeded programs in Startup tab by removing the check mark. Click Start, Run, and type msconfig.
  7. Compact folders in Outlook Express. Close OE and delete Folders.dbx when large.
  8. Check and trim Task Scheduler log.
  9. Trim application log at C:\WINDOWS\Applog to just a few weeks. Remove any programs you don't use frequently.
  10. Back up the following
  11. Check for huge files named ~XXXX.tmp and *.tmp and delete them.
  12. Check for duplicate DLLs: Right-click C:\Windows and pick Find, then sort by Name. Leave any duplicates in C:\WINDOWS\SYSBCKUP.
  13. Run Boot Log Analyzer Bla.Exe. See Microsoft support for more information. Check here for how to get a new log each restart.
  14. Compact the registry
  15. Run WinTop to see what is taking too much CPU computer time.

Replace or Clean Off Hard Disk You can make a Win98 startup disk with fat32ebd.exe located on the Win98 CD at Tools\Mtsutil\Fat32EBD. Read FAT32EBD.TXT for directions.

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  • Clean install of Windows 98

    See Clean Win98 Installation for more detailed instructions.

    1. Make a Win98 startup disk. From the CD, run tools\mtsutil\fat32ebd\fat32ebd.exe from the CD.
    2. Check that the boot floppy works and that you can access the CD ROM drive.
    3. Fdisk the hard drive. Create a primary for C and a secondary for the others.
    4. Create logical partitions in the secondary partition.
    5. Reboot the computer.
    6. Format the hard drive with the /s option.
    7. Format the other partitions. We use C for windows, D for data, E for other programs, F for cache, and G for backup.
    8. Change to the C: drive.
    9. Copy Setup.exe from the root of the CD ROM to the root of drive F.
    10. Change to drive F, make a folder named Win98, and change to that folder.
    11. Go to the CD and change to the folder named win98.
    12. Go back to F:\Win98
    13. Copy the files from the Win98 folder of the CD to the hard drive with Copy I:*.* . /B.
    14. Put the Win95 CD in the drive so the Win98 installation program can verify the upgrade.
    15. Run the Setup.exe file from F to start the installation.
    16. Have floppy handy for Startup disk.

    Upgrading to Windows 98

    1. Check that Outlook Express is set to Leave a copy of messages on server:
      Tools, Accounts, Mail, Properties, Advanced, Delivery
    2. Check for 200 to 300 Mb of free space on drive C.
    3. Back up the following
    4. Disable screen saver.
    5. Run Control Panel, Power Management, Turn off monitor and hard disks, never.
    6. Delete files in the Temp directory.
    7. Clear the browser cache.
    8. Run Scandisk and Defrag.
    9. Empty the Recycle Bin.
    10. Run Regclean.
    11. Get a 1.44 Mb floppy disk for a start-up disk.
    12. From Explorer, copy the files from the \Win98 folder of the CD to the hard drive. You don't need the folders in Win98.
    13. Change the registry to point to the \Win98 folder at
    14. Disable antivirus on startup.
    15. Make a folder C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\StartUpOld and move all shortcuts there from C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp.
    16. Uninstall IE5 if upgrading to Win98SE.
    17. Close all running programs except Windows Explorer.
    18. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and close any remaining running programs except Systray and two Explorers.
    19. Double-click the file \Win98\setup.exe on the hard disk to start the installation.
    20. Have a floppy ready to make a startup disk.

    After installing Windows 98

    1. Run C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSCONFIG.EXE, General, Advanced, Disable fast shutdown. Put a shortcut to it in the Tool folder.
      Win98 frequently has shut-down problems caused by many things. Fast shutdown can be one of them. (See Win98.htm for more shortcuts.)
    2. Right-click My Computer and pick Properties
    3. Check video settings
    4. In Windows Explorer
    5. Make a separate Temp folder on, say drive F, put the following lines in Autoexec.bat, and then shut down and restart the computer
           set temp=f:\temp
           set tmp=f:\temp
    6. Set File System Properties
    7. Move virtual memory to another drive
    8. Get new TweakUI from Win98 CD
    9. Make an Explorer shortcut on the Quick-Launch bar
    10. Set Outlook Express coding to UTF-7
    11. Install PC-Pine
    12. Install the Powertoys Sendtox, Doshere, Clock
    13. Make Fast Shutdown icon on desktop with C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE user.exe,exitwindows
    14. Set system sounds
    15. Set up network connection or install dial-up software (NM Tech).
    16. Check mouse driver version by right-clicking background and picking About. Download latest driver
    17. Set mouse controls
    18. Register with Microsoft (HKLM,Software,Microsoft,Windows,CurrentVersion,RegDone).
    19. Download version 4.1a build 7364.1 of RegClean, install, and run it, also here.
    20. Upgrade to latest version of DirectX. Also get the Control Panel Icon Directx.cpl if needed and put it into C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.
    21. Update Windows 98
    22. Install MSIE Power Toys
    23. Check video screen for out of round and resolution
    24. Move OE folders to D:\Outlook Express with Tools, Options, Maintenance, Store Folder, Change
    25. Make folder f:\IECache and set MSIE cache to there from Tools, Internet Options
    26. Install About Time to automatically set clock, also here
    27. Install FreeZip, (also here). This program zips and unzips from the right-click menu.
    28. Install Adobe Acrobat PDF reader
    29. Install Quicktime viewer
    30. Install Shockwave
    31. Run Wintune Win95
    32. Set up Task Scheduler for Scandisk and Defrag
    33. Add an Edit Button to MSIE
      You can add an Edit button on the MSIE tool bar to easily edit the current web page.
    34. Run C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\MSCONFIG.EXE, pick Startup tab, and disable unwanted programs in Startup by removing the check mark (e.g. AOL Instant Messenger).
    35. Run Scandisk and Defrag
    36. Make new copy of Bootlog.txt by restarting while holding F8 or the Ctrl key. Pick item 2. Then, look at the file in C:\Bootlog.txt for the word fail. The program Bla.exe displays the bootlog.
    37. Run Control Panel, Power Management, set Turn off monitor to After 25 mins.
    38. Install extra fonts
    39. To Install Japanese language IME
    40. Go to ShieldsUP and run both Test My Shields and Probe My Ports.
    41. Change icons of shortcuts by right-clicking and picking Properties, Change Icon
      E.g. a telephone icon is in C:\WINDOWS\PROGMAN.EXE. Icons are available at:
    42. Speed up Ethernet connections
      Default is for dialup so change registry for larger TCP receive window. This change can increase the speed by 50%.
      See also

    Windows Update

    1. Go to Windows Update to get the latest versions of critical updates.
    2. For Win98 don't upgrade to MSIE 6. It causes problems. Seems to be OK for second edition though.
    3. If update won't continue because of missing windows scripting host, download scr56en.exe and run it. (I renamed this to WinScriptHost.exe.)

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