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Virtual Reality and QuickTime

Virtual Reality:
With QuickTime, you can make images move on your web-browser screen.
Rotate and tilt 360-degree panoramas, zoom in with Shift and zoom out with Control.
  • Java applications
  • Netscape Live3D VR plug-in

  • Microsoft Site Builder Gallery, Dynamic HTML, Scriptlets, Tools, Images, Sounds, Fonts

  • Spherical Panorama

    Apple's QuickTime VR Method

  • Apple's QuickTime VR player for your browser
    For Windows 95, get both the player and browser plug-in.
    Download the file, then make things move at your will.
    There are several VR movies to download and many references to other QuickTime sites.
    See Apple's brief instructions -- or

  • Streaming Channels

  • QuickTime VR collection: (Drag mouse over picture to move; Shift/Control to zoom in/out)

    Camisole -- Flapper -- Jeans -- Spinner -- Trxie -- Unzip

  • Yahoo's list of Quicktime sites
  • Many QuickTime scenes
  • Movie Trailers
  • QuickTime sample sites
  • IQTVRA samples
  • Axis Images
  • Desert views
  • QuickTime in Yosemite
  • Armchair Travel Company has many QuickTime scenes
  • BMW QuickTime demos
  • QuickTime demos from eVox Productions
  • Jesse's QuickTime movie list, and a list of other sites
  • A home tour (walk through and view each room), and a Virtual Tour of Zion National Park
  • 3D Graphics by Kenn Pages
  • The Balcony, QuickTime views
  • Rutgers QuickTime movies: Star Trek, Simpsons, other
  • Axis Images "One Sense of Sight", a walk into the world of QuickTime
  • QuickTime demos from Girls Brigade Web site, a QuickTime VR catalog

  • Shockwave plug-ins puts internet graphics in motion, gallery has samples
    Paper dolls (Try different clothes on the models)
    Mule puzzle, Egg puzzle

  • WebFX 3D VRML viewer, for Win95 and Netscape 2.0.
    The free alpha release is reviewed by Forrest H. Stroud, 4.5 stars
  • Create animations with GIF89a, add motion to Web pages, Here's another location
  • Virtual Reality Vision
  • Lara's VR Page has many references
  • It's Time To Parody, lots of motion
  • What Is Virtual Reality?, an discussion of VR
  • Howard Rheingold's virtual-world collection
  • Cybernet International, GIF89a animation for Netscape 2
  • The Encyclopedia of Virtual Environments, Univ. Maryland
  • VRML World Magazine (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
  • Virtual Reality Testbed (Nat'l Inst. of Standards and Technology)
  • Interactive Visualizer Projects from Georgia Tech
  • Atlantis Virtual Theme Park, a walkthrough movie and rendered pictures
  • WebSpace, Silicon Graphics 3D Web viewer, Downloadable VRML Tools & Utilities
  • VRML Review
  • The VRML Repository, San Diego Supercomputer Center
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