Japan 2002 Itinerary

No Frames
Our First Japan trip, 2002

Our two-week trip to Japan after Globus canceled our Tour OJ

Two weeks in Japan on our own: Tky, Shinjuku, Kamakura, Yokohama, Nagoya, a lecture at Daid Institute of Technology, Takayama, Kyto, Himeji Castle, Nara, and Nikk. See 2002 Photos, Itinerary 2004, 2007, Nihongo, Japanese Language

Day 1, Fly from the U.S. to Tky. (Thu, Apr 18)

Day 2, Arrival in Tky, Shinjuku, Century Hyatt. (Fri, Apr 19)

Day 3, Tky, Yokohama. (Sat, Apr 20) Tour Tky, Asakusa, and Kamakura with Akira Sawaoka. Stay in Yokohama with Akira, Yasuko, and Shino Sawaoka

Day 4, Nagoya, Kanko Hotel. (Sun, Apr 21) Take Shinkasen to Nagoya

Day 5, Nagoya. (Mon, Apr 22) Give lecture to students and faculty at Daid Institute of Technology. Tour Nagoya with Yasuko

Day 6, Takayama Best Western Hotel. (Tue, Apr 23)

Day 7, Takayama. (Wed, Apr 24)

Day 8, Takayama. (Thr, Apr 25)

Day 9, Kyto, Comfort Inn. (Fri, Apr 26)

Day 10, Kyto. (Sat, Apr 27) Himeji Castle

Day 11, Kyto. (Sun, Apr 28) Nara

Day 12, Kyto. (Mon, Apr 29)

Day 13, Tky, Ikebukuro, Clarion Hotel. (Tue, Apr 30)

Day 14, Nikk. (Wed, May 1)

Day 15, Tky. (Thr, May 2)

Day 16, Fly home. (Fri, May 3)