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Africa, Alaska, Asia, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech,
Denmark, Egypt, England, Europe, France, Germany, Greece,
India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Venice, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway,
Poland, Romania, Scotland, S. America, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tech, Thailand, Turkey, Zermat

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1315 North Dr. Click to enlarge. Socorro Click to enlarge. USA USA US Time Zones Alaska California New Mexico New Mexico Tech Hawaii Hawaii Big Island Canada Mexico South America South America Europe Europe (Large) Europe Europe (Large) Norway Sweden Denmark Germany Germany Germany Italy Italy, large Italy, large Venice Naples Sicily Switzerland Zermat Austria Czech France Spain Ireland England Scotland Poland Bulgaria Romania Greece Greek Islands Africa Turkey Iraq Morocco Egypt India Asia Thailand Thailand Japan Japan Japan prefectures Japan, large Japan, large China China trip Indonesia Australia New Zealand World Time Zones

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