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Java is used to add kinetic effects to web pages. For example, put your mouse pointer over the paw print you see a message if Java is enabled. The mouse-over effects on this page are a Microsoft-style of Java. When you put your mouse pointer over an active link, the type changes to boldface. (But the animated figures on this page do not use Java, rather they are animated gifs.)

Test your Java,    Test your Javascript,   2

If you see a green check mark in the table cell to the right of this text then you have a functional JavaScript-enabled browser.


  • Applets, 2
  • Atom models
  • Ball machine
  • Calculator
  • Cannon ball, 2
  • Dynamic Drive
  • Earthweb's Java Directory
  • Gamelan
  • Java Centre, UK
  • Java, mouse over
  • JavaScript Basics
  • JavaScript Source
  • JavaSoft home page, Applets
  • JavaWorld Magazine
  • Mark's Java illusions, Morphing
  • MouseOver, machine
  • MouseOver 3
  • Move wire frame, (Local)
  • Photocube
  • Pop-up windows
  • Ripples and other applets
  • Rubiks cube, 2 Local
  • Scroll Messages
  • JavaScript in a Week
  • Vortex
  • Web browser test
  • Webmonkey Javascript
  • Web Niche
  • Werner's Applets
  • Java: Dress Natalie, Local

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