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pocketJVerbs is a Japanese Verbs inflection program for the Pocket PC. It is a prototype which we hope can be developed into a full working version like its cousin for the desktop PC. The program will display Japanese (or Chinese) characters on the Pocket PC. This version has been released to judge the interest in such a program. We think this device or devices like this are ideal for learning. Yes they need to be faster, have a color screen, have higher resolutions, and be integrated with your cellular. Though please keep in mind that next year will bring a cheaper, faster, better model.

Initially pocketJVerbs includes a small verb list, future versions will have a larger more inclusive list..

Please mail me with your comments or what you think (nozomisoft@yahoo.com).



Currently only SA11xx cab files are provided. It should work on all of the Pocket PC 2002 machines (Jornada, IPAQ, and Casio), or earlier versions of the IPAQ. If there is demand for other formats (of the Pocket PC) mail me with the request and I will work on it (nozomisoft@yahoo.com).

Run the setup.exe from the zip file after downloading it.



pocketJVerbs is Shareware. This normally means you may try out the software and if you use it you must pay some registration fee. There is no fee charged for pocketJVerbs 0.1. However, if pocketJVerbs ever makes it to a 1.0 release there will be a nominal fee to cover expenses. This software is supplied as is, with no warrantee of suitability for any purpose.


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We welcome all your comments, and suggestions.

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email: nozomisoft@yahoo.com