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pocketJiten is a simple Windows CE program developed for the Pocket PC. pocketJiten, or pocket Japanese Dictionary aids in looking up kanji and also displays various information about kanji.  The first version does only radical lookup using the Kanji Info database assembled by Jim Breen.



Download pocketJiten

Currently only SA11xx cab files are provided. It should work on all of the Pocket PC 2002 machines (Jornada, IPAQ, and Casio), or earlier versions of the IPAQ. If there is demand for other formats (of the Pocket PC) mail me with the request and I will work on it (nozomisoft@yahoo.com).

Run the setup.exe from the zip file after downloading it.


Using pocketJiten

pocketJiten is very easy to use. Simply use the stylus and touch the kanji you want to see all the Bushu for. In the Bushu dialog touching the kanji will display the Kanji Info dialog.



pocketJiten is Freeware.  This means that you may use it and pay no fee. This software is supplied as is, with no warrantee of suitability for any purpose.


Contact Information

We welcome all your comments, and suggestions.

For more information:


email: nozomisoft@yahoo.com