List of Japanglish 3

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  • Part 2 (Driving, Sports, Eating and Drinking)
  • Part 3 (Others)

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  • ピエロ
  • pierrot clown
      "Pierrot" is not wrong but much less popular than "clown."
  • ジェットコースター 
  • jet coaster roller coaster
  • レントゲン
  • Roentgen (picture) X rays (picture)
      Roentgen is the physicist who discovered X rays.
  • シュミレーション
  • sumilation simulation
  • モーニングコール
  • morning call wake-up call
  • サマータイム
  • summer time daylight saving time
      "Summer time" is used in U.K. In Australia "daylight saving time."
  • ロス
  • Los L.A.
      We are talking about a name of the city in the U.S.
  • テレホンボックス
  • telephone box telephone booth
  • アンケート
  • enquete questionnair
  • トイレ
  • toilet restroom/bathroom
      Even if you ask where the "toilet" is, you will be directed to the right place.
  • W.C.
  • W.C. restroom, men's/ladies' room
      Though I'm not sure if "water closet" is used as English word, I've never seen "W.C." sign in the U.S.
  • ゲームセンター
  • game center video arcade
  • バックナンバー
  • back number back issues (of magazines)
  • DM
  • DM direct mail
      This abbreviation is not commonly used.
  • ディープキス
  • deep kiss French kiss
      Then what in French?
  • スキンシップ
  • skinship close relationship/quality time
      Because "Skinship" sounds for American to mean physical and sexual touching, it may cause a big misunderstanding. It may be one of the most harmful words.
  • デマ
  • dema(gogie) rumor
  • ガードマン
  • guardman security guard
  • ゼロゼロセブン(007)
  • zero zero seven double oh seven
  • ナイーブ
  • naive ingenuous/pure-hearted?
      "Naive" used in Japanese has a positive feeling while it has negative one in English.
  • テレビタレント
  • TV talent TV personality
  • CM
  • CM commercial
      This abbreviation is not used.
  • マンネリ(ズム)
  • mannerism routine
  • マンツーマン
  • man-to-man one-on-one (one-to-one)
      "Man-to-man defense" is used. But when you teach something to a person, you teach him "one-on-one," not "man-to-man."
  • フェミニスト
  • feminist chivalrous/kind to women
      If I remember correctly,in 70's the word "feminist" meant something about women's rights even in Japan. Somehow the meaning changed.
  • シルバーシート
  • silver-seat priority seating
  • コストダウン
  • cost-down cost reduction
  • キオスク
  • kiosk news/food stand in JR stations
  • ミスコンテスト
  • miss-contestbeauty pagent
  • イメージ・アップ
  • image-up improve one's image
  • パイプ・カット
  • pipe-cut vasectomy
  • ボディ・チェック
  • body check body search /frisk
  • バージン・ロード
  • virgin roadaisle where a bride wallk
      This is about a path where a bride walk with her father. Her virginity is not an issue, of course.
  • マスコミ
  • mass komi (communication)mass media
  • トランプ
  • trump playing cards
  • ベッドタウン
  • bed town commuter/bedroom town
  • ドクターストップ
  • doctor-stop the doctor's order to stop the fight
  • ハイ/オールド ミス
  • high/old missspinster
  • ラブホテル
  • love hotel hotel for couples for short stays (mainly for a couple of hours)
  • マイペース
  • my-pace doing things at one's own pace
  • ワンパターン
  • one-pattern one-ideaed/repeating the same pattern
  • シンボルマーク
  • symbol mark symbol
  • テーブルスピーチ
  • table speachspeaches at parties
  • タイトルバック
  • title back credits
      This is about the last part of movies where they show many names after most of audiences are out of the theater.
  • アルバイター
  • "arbeit"er people who do part-time job
    Part-time job is called "ARUBAITO" which is from German word "arbeit."
  • フリーター
  • free-ter?? people who do part-time job only/freelance worker
  • ヤンキー
  • yankee punk
      Not that the Japanese think Yankees are punks, of cource.
  • ハネムーン・ベビー
  • honeymoon babybaby conceived during a honeymoon
  • ゲームセンター
  • game center video game arcade
  • ライブステージ
  • live stage performance
  • ライブハウス
  • live house bar with live music/performance
  • ボーカル
  • vocal vocalist
  • NG
  • NG bloopers
      Such as the one shown at the end of "A Bugs Life".
  • キッチン・ペーパー
  • kitchen paperpaper towel
  • エネルギッシュ
  • energisch energetic
      The word energisch is a German word. It can't be used in English.
  • ミラー・ボール
  • mirror ball disco ball
  • ツー・ショット
  • two-shot the situation where you are only with your boy/girl friend
  • ユニーク
  • unique strange/interesting
  • ゴージャス
  • gorgeous posh/luxurious
  • ブレイク(する)
  • break become a hit
  • FC
  • FC franchise chain
  • カメラマン(写真家)
  • cameraman photographer
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