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  • Part 2 (Driving, Sports, Eating and Drinking)
  • Part 3 (Others)
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  • セーフティードライブ
  • safety drive driving safely
  • フロントガラス
  • front glass windshield
      I've heard "windscreen" is also used in UK.
  • バックミラー
  • back mirror rearview mirror
  • ハンドル
  • handle steering wheel
  • クラクション
  • Klaxon car horn
  • ウィンカー
  • winker blinker/turn signal
      "Indicator" is used in U.K.
  • チャイルドシート
  • child seat car seat
  • ボンネット
  • bonnet hood
      Bonnet in U.K. but hood in USA.
  • ガソリンスタンド
  • gasoline standgas station
      "Petrol station" is used in U.K.
  • ベンツ
  • Bentz Mercedes
      Porsche is Porche. Ford is Ford. But Bentz is different. I've heard that called same in Germany.
  • シボレー
  • SHI-VO-Rei? Chevrolet(Chevy)
      I guess Chevrolet sounded Shi-vo-rei for Japanese when first imported.
  • ハイウェー
  • highway express way / free way
      Many of "highway" in U.S. have intersections and traffic lights. "Motorway" is used in U.K.
  • ナンバープレート
  • number plate license plate
      "Number plate" is OK in U.K.
  • タンクローリー
  • tank lorry tanker
  • パンク
  • punc(ture) flat tire
  • オートバイ
  • auto-bi(ke) motorcycle
  • RV
  • RV sports utility vehicle/SUV
      Somehow, cars such as Jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer are called RVs, not SUVs, in Japan.
      In U.S. RV is also called a camper, which is much bigger than "micro bus" in Japan, and has a bed, a stove, and a shower inside.
  • キャンピングカー
  • camping car trailer house? mobile home/RV?
  • パト(ロール)カー
  • patrol car squad car/police car
      "patroll car" is used but "squad car" seems more popular.
  • バン
  • van (station) wagon
  • ワゴン
  • wagon van
      Somehow these two are mixed in Japan. A wagon is as tall as a sedan and usually uses a same model name, such as "Camry wagon." But a full-size van is much taller.
  • マイカー
  • my-car owned car
  • サイドブレーキ
  • side-brake parking brake
  • セルモーター
  • cell-motor starter
  • オープンカー
  • open car convertible
  • ペーパードライバー
  • paper driver person with a driving licence who seldom drive
  • メット・イン
  • metto-in a style of scooter which has a compartment under the seat to hold the crash helmet
    . . .


    • スリーA 
    • 3A(three A) triple A
    • ホームイン 
    • home-in come home / is scored
    • ナイター 
    • nighter night game
    • フォアボール 
    • four ball walk
    • デッドボール 
    • dead ball hit by a pitch
        After a batter is hit by a pitch, the ball is dead. Then runners can not move because it is a bead ball now.
    • タッチアップ
    • touch-up tag up
    • タッチアウト
    • touch-out tag out
    • バックネット
    • back net backstop
    • フルベース
    • full base bases loaded
    • ランニングホームラン
    • running home run inside-the-park home run
    • テキサスヒット
    • Texas hit Texas leaguer
    • スリーベース・ヒット
    • three-base hit triple
    • ツーベース・ヒット
    • two-base hit double
    • エンタイトルド・ツーベース・ヒット
    • entitled two-base hit ground rule double
    • ハーラー・ダービー
    • hurler derby the competition on the number of winning games among professional baseball pitchers(?)
    • トップ・バッター
    • top batterleadoff
    • キャンプ・イン
    • camp-instart/report to spring training
    • ショート、ミドル、ロング 
    • short/long/middle hole par 3/5/4 hole
    • ニアピン 
    • near pin closest to pin
    • ドラコン  
    • driving contest longest drive
    • パー・オン
    • par-on hit the green in regulation
    • オーバー・ドライブ
    • over-drive outdrive
    • フック・ライン
    • hook-line right-to-left breaking putt
    • ブービー
    • booby the second from the last
    • ブービーメーカー
    • booby maker booby
      Pro wrestling
    • バックドロップ 
    • back-drop suplex
    • フロントスープレックス 
    • front-suplex belly-to-belly
    • サイドスープレックス 
    • side-suplex back-drop
    • スコルピオンデスロック 
    • scorpion-death-lock sharp-shoop
    • ラリアット 
    • lariat close-line
        Thanks to Nemoto-san who gave me those words. Actually I have no idea of these words.
    • クイックターン   
    • quick turn (swimming)flip turn
      How to turn at the end of the swimming pool
    • フライング・スタート
    • flying (start) false start
    • ルームランナー 
    • room-runner treadmill
    • ヨット 
    • yacht sail boat
        "Yacht" in Japan is usually used to discribes a small one masted sail boat while "yacht" in English is for a small ship and not limited to a ship with sails.
    • マラソン 
    • marathon jogging/long distance race
        Please use "marathon" only when you run 42.195 km. Personally I do't like them to call a 5k race as "xx city marathon" in Japan. You know it is much harder to finish 42km.
    • リュックサック 
    • rucksack(German) backpack
    • シーズンオフ 
    • season off off-season
    • ボブスレー
    • bobsleigh bobsled
        "bobsleigh" is English. But I've never heard it in TV during the Nagano Olympics. Every time "bobsled" was used.
    • スラップスケート
    • slap-skate klap-skate
        In Olympic in Nagano most of speed skaters used this new type of skate shoes. "Klap" is a Dutch word for "slap" in English. ("Klapschaats" in Dutch) I don't understand why Japanese use "slap", which is not Japanese of cource, while "klap" is used in English.
    • バトンタッチ
    • baton touch baton pass
    • ゴール
    • goal finish
        Your goal in a race is not the goal but the finish line.
    • ラストスパート
    • last-spurt last hard drive/
      dash to the finish line ?
    • バトンガール
    • baton girl baton twirler
      . . .

        Eating and Drinking

      • コカコーラ ライト
      • Coca-Cola Lite ------
          Coca-Cola Lite is a product of Coca-Cola(Japan) and is not sold in USA. It has 12kcal/100ml, while Diet Coke has no calories. (Note:Summer in 99, Diet Coke is being introduced in Japan)
      • フライドポテト 
      • fried potato French fries
      • ポテトフライ
      • potato fry French fries
          "Frites" in France
      • バイキング 
      • Viking buffet
          This is about a style of restaurants.
          Because Japanese people pronounce it as "biking", the confusion is sometimes big.
      • ホットケーキ 
      • hotcake pancake
          "Hotcake" is used but "pancake" seems to be more popular.
      • プリン 
      • pudding caramel cream/caramel custared
          Pudding in Japan is a kind of pudding. But because there are various puddings here, it is hard to order in restaurants unless you know the exact name.
      • アメリカンコーヒー 
      • American coffee weak coffee
          Coffee served in the US is usually as weak as "American coffee" in Japan. I know a restaurant where they give us a choice of "French" or "American". French one is strong as regular one in Japan.
          At Starbucks Coffee they sell "cafe Americano, " though it is made of espresso and hot water.
      • ソフトクリーム 
      • soft cream soft serve ice cream
      • シュークリーム
      • chou (a la) creme cream puff
      • ハンバーグステーキ
      • hamburg steak chopped steak
      • アイスティー
      • ice tea iced tea
      • ミンチボール
      • mince ball meatball
      • モーニングサービス
      • morning service boiled egg, coffee and toast served as a breakfast combo menu
          Let me assure you that there is nothing relevant to any religions.
      • カウンター
      • counterbar (in a restaurant)
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