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  • スリーサイズ
  • three-size measurements
  • ヒップ
  • hip buttocks
      When used for measurement, "hip" is used as hip in Japan. But hip is often used to describe buttocks there. In the US hip may be used to describe buttoks euphemistically. But mainly hip is used to mean the sides of the body below thw waist.
  • パンティストッキング
  • panty stockingpanty hose
      I personally prefer "stocking" to "hose." In U.K. "tights" is used.
  • スイミングパンツ
  • swimming pants swimming trunks/shorts/suit
      "Bathing ...." is also common. While I wear a suit at work, I don't understand why I put on a "suit" to swim, too.
  • トレーナー
  • trainer sweat shirts
  • ワイシャツ
  • white shirt dress shirt
  • マフラー  
  • muffler scarf
      Not that muffler cannot be used. But scarf is much more popular here.
  • チャック  
  • chuck zipper
  • ファスナー 
  • fastener zipper
  • カフスボタン 
  • cuffs button cuff link
  • モヒカンカット
  • Mohican cut Mohawk
      Why this difference? In U.K. "mohican" is used.
  • キーホルダー  
  • key holder key chain
  • グラマー
  • glamour(ous) stacked/be really built
  • スマート
  • smart thin/slim
  • ジーパン
  • G-pan jeans
  • ジージャン
  • G-jan jean jacket
  • スタ(ジアム)ジャン(パー)
  • stadium jumperjacket with team's logo
  • マニキュア
  • manicure nail polish
  • オールバック
  • all back swept back hair
  • フリーサイズ
  • free-size one size fits all
  • サファリスタイル
  • safari style camouflage clothes
  • ハイソックス
  • high socks knee-high socks
  • ワンピース
  • one-piece dress
      One-piece is used for women's swimsuits in English.
  • ツーピース
  • two-piece suits
  • ピアス
  • pierce earrings
      In English whether your ears are pierce or not is not an issue. In Japan when your ears are pierced, earings are called "pierce".
  • バスト
  • bust breast/bosom
  • パンツ
  • pants underpants
      The Japanese word for pants is "ZUBON", which is from Portuguese.
  • T-バック
  • T-back thong
  • ノー・スリーブ
  • no-sleeve sleeveless
  • ペア・ルック
  • pair-look same outfit
  • ストレート・パーマ
  • straight permrelaxer ?
  • エステティックサロン
  • esthetic salon a beauty salon offering esthetic services
    . . .

      At home?

      In the kitchen
    • コーヒーミル
    • coffee mill coffee grinder
        I don't think "mill" is wrong. But "grinder" sounds more common.
    • フライパン
    • fry pan pan
    • オーブントースター
    • oven toaster toaster oven
    • ストーブ   
    • stove heater
    • レンジ    
    • range stove
        "Range" is used but I hear "stove" more frequently.
      Electric goods
    • クーラー   
    • cooler air-conditioner
    • テレビゲーム
    • televi game video game
    • ファミリーコンピュータ 
    • Family computer Nintendo
    • スーパーファミコン 
    • Super Fami-com Super Nintendo
        Nintendo named them diferently.
    • ビデオカメラ 
    • video camera video camcorder
    • VTR
    • VTR VCR
    • ビデオデッキ 
    • video deck video cassette recorder
    • ラジオカセット 
    • radio cassette portable stereo /boom box
        Then what if the power is weak and the sound is monoral as the one I bought when I was in junior high?
    • プッシュホン 
    • push phone touch tone phone
    • シャープ   
    • sharp sign pound sign/number sign
        This is about the name of the key. I wonder why people don't call it "sharp" as in music. I've heard it is called "square" or "hash" in U.K.
    • フリーダイアル 
    • free dial toll free number
        "Freephone" is used in U.K.
    • ポケットベル  
    • pocket bell pager / beeper
        The word "pocket bell" is made by NTT, Japanese phone giant.
    • ナンバーディスプレー
    • number display caller ID
        Another creation by NTT, Japanese phone company.
    • インターホン
    • inter-phone intercom
    • アフターサービス
    • after-service service after the sales
    • アフターケア
    • after-care service after the sales
    • コンデンサ
    • condensor capacitor
    • FD
    • FD floppy disk
        This abbreviation is not so popular.
    • バージョン・アップ
    • version-up upgrade/improve
    • グレード・アップ
    • gread-up upgrade/improve
      Home improvement/tools
    • マンション 
    • mansion condominium
        This is most famous and infamous Janglish in Japan.
    • ワンルームマンション
    • one-room mansionstudio apartment
    • フローリング  
    • flooring wooden floor
    • コンセント   
    • concent outlet
        I guess it was from "concentric outlet."
    • プラスドライバー
    • plus(+) driver philips head screwdriver
    • マイナスドライバー 
    • minus(-) driver regular/flathead screwdriver
        Since I think using "+/-" is easy to understand, I wonder why American don't say this way.
    • スパナ 
    • spanner wrench
    • ピンセット 
    • pincette tweezers/foceps/pncers
    • マイホーム
    • my-home owned house
    • ユニットバス
    • unit bath prefabricated bath
        Which contains a bathtub and a space where you wash yourself.
        Reminder:You must not use soap in the bathtub in Japan.
    • リンス    
    • rinse conditioner
    • メロドラマ   
    • melodrama soap opera
        "Melodrama" in Japan is used to describe soap operas while almost all of "soap operas" seem to be melodramas.
    • ワイドショウ 
    • wide-show talk show / morning show
    • ゴールデンタイム
    • golden-time prime-time
    • ベビーカー 
    • baby car stroller
    • バギー     
    • buggy umbrella stroller
        "Baby buggy" is used for a bigger one.
    • ベビーベッド 
    • baby bed baby crib
        When my friend asked room service to bring baby crib, he somehow received a baby cream. He was disappointed by his English skill.
    • ヘルスメーター
    • health-meter (bathroom) scales
    • テーブルセンター
    • table center centerpiece
      . . .

        at School and Office

      • OL(オフィスレディー)
      • OL/office lady women working in white-collar work place mainly doing clerical work.
          In US I sometimes see the existance of the word "OL" refferd as a symbol how unequally women in Japan are treated.
      • ホッチキス   
      • hotchkiss stapler
          Hotchkiss is a name of the inventor.
      • ブラインドタッチ
      • blind touch touch typing
      • ダイアルイン
      • dial-in direct number
      • セロハンテープ 
      • cellophane tape Scotch tape
      • マジックテープ 
      • magic tape Velcro
      • シャープペンシル
      • sharp pencil mechanical pencil
      • ボールペン  
      • ball pen ball point pen
      • カンニング   
      • cunning cheating
          When you have a exam at school. Not that you did.
      • リンチ
      • lynch bullying/abuse/beating somebody up
      • シール   
      • seal sticker
          In UK "Seal" is also used.
      • グラウンド   
      • ground playground
      • プリント   
      • print handout
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