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Macromedia Flash Routines

The links on this page require Macromedia Flash player available here, test.

Shockwave: Pet the cat    Maukie kitty
Stroke the kitty's tail, it front, its forhead. Move over and under.

Pizza order    Pizza Order

Shockwave: Screen Cleaner    Screen Cleaner
Clean your computer screen now.

Whale follows cursor

Dog Tricks    Dog Tricks
Type commands like sit, roll over, down, stand, sing, dance, shake, fetch, play dead, and kiss

Scroll or book    Scroll or book?

Jigsaw Puzzle    Jigsaw puzzle.
Watch the moving parasail to align the puzzle parts.

Match the socks    Match the socks.
Pull socks out one at a time and cover with the mate.

Match the socks    Swat the fly.

Feed the spider    Press Space bar to feed the spider.

Shockwave: Trick-Mule Puzzle   Trick-Mule Puzzle
Put the riders on the mules.

Shockwave: Happy birthday    Happy Birthday

Shockwave: Butterfly    Butterfly

Shockwave: Limegame    Lime game

Mystical Musical Balls    Mystical Musical Balls.

Doghouse    Doghouse Puzzle

Carve a pumpkin    Carve a pumpkin.

Concentration test for men    Concentration Test for Men

Also see: Flash Laboratory,


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