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Parallel-Force Problem

ES 301 Assignment 2

Work Problem 3.127, Page 140 in Beer and Johnston Statics, sixth edition in the usual way. Then solve it with Matlab using vectors. Remember,

As before, program your name, date, and subject with lines such as:
    % print the results
    fprintf('\n   Parallel-Force Problem 2.65')
    fprintf('\n   Your name, ES 301, ')
and make sure the output is in table form with units:
    Parallel-Force Problem 2.65
    Your name, ES 301, 28-Sep-1999

     Total    X       Z
     Force   Coord   Coord
       N      M       M
      ---    ---     ---
Use the Matlab fprintf command with the f format to control the number of displayed digits. For example, %7.2f means to show two digits past the decimal point but use 7 columns for the number. (You also need one column for the decimal point, one for the sign, the more the digits to the left of the decimal point.) You don't need a loop since there is only one set of answers. Run your program in Matlab and check that your answer matches Problem 3.127. Copy the output data from the screen and paste it into the bottom of your source program. Print your source program with the appended output.

Staple the cover page with your solution obtained by the conventional method to printout of your source code and turn it in at the beginning of class on the due date.

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Last revised: March 17, 2000