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E-Book Creation

with MobiPocket

A Quick Guide, My HTML Library

  1. If starting with txt format, load into Textpad, copy and paste into MS Word
  2. Remove paragraph marks from lines within paragraphs if necessary
  3. Set title, author, chapter headings and make corrections in MS Word
  4. Save in doc format
  5. Save in htm format
  6. Edit htm code
  7. Remove any <FONT> code
  8. Edit the htm format so first few lines are
       <HTML><HEAD ></HEAD>
       <BODY><IMG src="OpeningFigure.jpg"></img>
       <H1 ID="ref_1" >Book Title</H1>
       <H2 ID="ref_2" ><I>by Author's name</I></H2>
       <H2 ID="ref_3" ><A NAME="Chapter 1"></A>Chapter 1, Chapter Title</H2>
    Notice that that ref_3 is Chapter 1 so the ref numbers are two larger than the chapter number
  9. Change remaining chapter headings to above ref format
  10. Search for each of the digits 1-9. Especially look for 1 when I or l is needed and scanned page numbers.
  11. Search for ' ' and replace with ".
  12. Search for " " which may be two paragraphs run together.
  13. Search for .... run together and replace with spaces between.
  14. Search for Id and replace with I'd with spaces on both sides.
  15. For gaps between paragraphs and for the start and end of verse, put <P> & nbsp;</P>
  16. Put <I> and </I> pairs outside of <P> and </P> for more than one paragraph.
  17. Use <P align="center"> to center a line.
  18. Use <HR align="center" width="40%"> to add a horizontal line.
  19. Use <BLOCKQUOTE> to indent both sides.
  20. Make a copy of the htm file and use the copy since Mobipocket makes major changes to the file
  21. With the web browser on the top half of the screen and the editor on the lower, search for the hyphen in the browser and when an m-dash is needed, search in the editor for a nearby word. Paste the m-dash (151). Sometimes the hyphen should be removed.
  22. Drag the htm file onto the web browser so you can later copy the title and author into Mobipocket
  23. Reduce size of this page and move it to bottom of screen so you can read these directions

  24. Start Mobipocket
  25. Click the New icon
  26. Click default.opf and click OK
  27. Copy book title from browser and paste into the first box
  28. Copy author name from browser (omit the by) and paste into the second box
  29. Click Browse and steer to Target Directory, click OK
  30. Click Create >
  31. For List of Files in the Publication, click Add File
  32. Type an ID that is short for the book name
  33. Click Browse and steer to the htm file
  34. Highlight the htm file and click Open
  35. Click OK
  36. Click the Table Of Contents icon
  37. Repeat to add cover.htm
  38. Click Create a new Table of Contents
  39. Click Finish
  40. For First Level and Second Level Tags enter H1 and H2
  41. Click Finish
  42. The title, author, and chapter titles should all appear
  43. Click Finish
  44. If you want to include a cover graphic, click the CoverPage icon. (Skip this if you used the IMG code as shown above.)
  45. Click the MetaData icon and check that the title and author are correct
  46. Click the Publish icon
  47. Click Publish for the Microsoft Readter LIT format
  48. Click Next twice
  49. Check that the target directory is correct and click Next third time
  50. Click Finish
  51. Close Mobipocket
  52. Delete three files:
  53. Move the new lit book to My Library and double-click to start it.
  54. Go to the Table of Contents and check the the chapter titles are active links. Click on the last chapter and go to the end of the book
  55. Search the new book for > indicating incorrect numbers of <P> or </P>
  56. If there are problems, go back to the original htm file, not the one Mobipocket worked on. After making corrections, make another copy of the htm file for Mobipocket to work on.

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Revised: September 13, 2007