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Charge time for Coolpix EN-EL1 battery

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Charge time for Coolpix EN-EL1 battery

This graph shows the charging time for an EN-EL1 lithium ion battery in a Nikon MH-53 charger. The lowest voltages on the left correspond to over 100 photographs while the center voltage (8.0V) corresponds to 50 photographs taken with a Nikon Coolpix 4500 digital camera and recorded on a Lexar 256MB 12X CF card. There was a mix of flash and monitor use. The camera stops when the battery drains to 6.9V. It then requires about 104 minutes to recharge to 8.35 volts,

Get a very small digital voltmeter from Radio Shack, Model: 22-802 for about $19.99

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