Incorrect Earth-Moon Kinetic

Incorrect earth-moon kinetic

What is wrong with this earth-moon kinetic?
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Explanation of the incorrect earth moon kinetic

In the earth-moon kinetic shown above, the moon orbiting the earth in the wrong direction, opposite to the earth's rotation about its own axis.

While it appears from earth's surface that the moon circles from east to west, it actually goes the other way. The reason is that the earth revolves around its own axis faster than the moon orbits earth. Thus, from the surface of the earth, the moon appears to go the wrong way. The moon revolves counter-clockwise in this viewpoint just at the planets circle the sun counter-clockwise and the sun itself revolves counter-clockwise. That is, they are all going the same way.

There are many web sites that show this incorrect kinetic as fact. However, Ms. Rechak's Science News web site provides the correct explanation.

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Revised: April 29, 2010