Dr Stewart Thompson


Stewart Thompson

Hi. I am the temporary OSL tutoring and LLC Coordinator at New Mexico Tech. I received a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Kingston University, a Master's degree in Neuroscience from Kings College London, and a PhD in Neuroscience from Imperial College London. During my PhD I also worked as an assistant Don of student housing. Since then I completed post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Toronto and the University of Iowa. I was then appointed to the faculty at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, studying the pathophysiology and treatment of inherited eye diseases.

I am currently an assistant professor in the psychology depertment here at Tech, with an adjunct appointment in Biology. I advise students in the Biomedical Sciences program.

My current research is focused on effects of the pineal hormone melatonin. Detection of light in the eye regulates melatonin levels in the body, so eye disease or use of artificial light can alter melatonin hormone levels with subsequent effects on behavior, metabolism and cell proliferation in cancer.

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