Incoming Students

Advising Learning Outcomes for New (First-Year) Students

  • Know the role of the advisor and the advisee
  • Know the first-year advising timeline and important academic year deadlines
  • Know how to find and use key resources developed to aid in advising
  • Engage in NMT communication
  • Research and make informed decisions about majors and minors

This page covers various aspects of starting at New Mexico Tech as a first-year student.

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Registering Online With Banweb

APIN First!

Remember - you must have submitted your proposed schedule to your faculty advisor for approval before you try to register. Once your advisor approves your classes, he or she will provide your APIN (Alternate PIN) that you need as a second-level password in Banweb to register online. Every semester's APIN is different!

Registering Online

Navigating the NMT Banweb online registration system can be confusing the first few times. To help, a step-by-step guide for registering online has been created here.

Registration Errors

If you get an error code you don’t understand (“Prereq error? I have the prereq!”), check this list of Banweb Registration Error Codes for a possible explanation. If you’re not able to get it figured out and fixed, or the error isn’t on the list, contact Rebecca Clemens in the OSL or staff in the Registrar’s Office for help.