Navigating the NMT Banweb Registration System

Is this your first time using Banweb? It can be confusing! First, read this document and if that doesn't help, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the basics of registering online for classes.

Go to

The full URL is, but the above address will work just fine. Click on the image below to open a new tab for Banweb.

Click "Enter Secure Area"

You will be prompted to enter your student ID number and your Banweb PIN (NOT the same as your TCC/NMT email password).

Enter your 900 number and PIN

If you don't know what your PIN is, you can email the Registrar's Office. Click on the image to open an email client.

Click on "Student and Financial Aid"

This will take you to a page where you can apply, register, view records, and financial aid status.

Click on Registration

When you click on Registration, you will see a list of links identical to the image below. This is where you manage your registration status and your class grade options.

Click on "Add/Drop Classes"

When the page loads, select the semester you wish to register for. Be sure you have your schedule planned out and make sure there are no time conflicts or conflicts with sections, pre and/or corequisites, as this will complicate the registration process. Click this section if you want to go through a tutorial on how to find classes and build a schedule.

Enter your A-Pin

Your A-Pin is NOT the same as your PIN or your TCC password. Your A-Pin is generated by NMT and given to your advisor. You must contcat your advisor and review your planned schedule before they will give you access to your A-Pin. Be sure to have this done before registration day comes along, it will save you time and effort in the long run.

Enter CRN's in the boxes, or search by clicking the "Class Search" button below.

If you know the CRN's of the classes you wish to register for (if you have looked up the classes prior to registering), you can enter the CRN's in the small text boxes and register for multiple simultaneously. If you don't know, you can search for a class with the navigation system below the text boxes.

If you clicked "Class Search", follow these next instructions.

Once you click class search, you will be brought to a page with the following class subject list on it. Scroll through this list and select the subject of the class you wish to register for. For example: if you wanted to register for Physics 1 (Phys. 121), you would select Physics in this section. Once you have selected your class, click the "Course Search" button below to bring up a list of courses in that subject. Find the course and select "View Sections".

Once you select your subject and class, in this case Physics 1, a list of courses offered in that subject will appear.

The courses are listed vertically. The columns relay information such as the CRN, the number of hours the course is, the course's name, and the date and time of the course. On the far left of the class, there is a checkbox. Find the class you wish to register for by checking the date and time and making sure it fits your schedule, then click the checkbox.

Submit the selected class by clicking "Add to WorkSheet"

Once you have selected the classes you wish to add to your registration list, click the button "Add to WorkSheet". This will add the CRN of the selected courses to the text boxes mentioned in an earlier step. You will be taken back to a page mentioned earlier, where you can click "Class Search" to begin the process again, or you can click "Submit Changes" to register for the classes you have already selected.